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Old Age Perils: Retirement made bleak in UK by rising costs & poor pensions

Britain’s pensioners are going bankrupt faster than any other group in the country. The UK Insolvency Service findings highlight how seriously those over 65 are struggling to keep their homes running, as costs rise. As RT’s Laura Emmett reports, most older people’s budgets have already been cut to the bone. RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter:


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25 Responses to "Old Age Perils: Retirement made bleak in UK by rising costs & poor pensions"

  1. SuperTruth77 says:
    My brother has set up an advice service for older people in the UK worried about getting through winter. One option he advocates is to go on Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter etc.) under their own name & repeatedly post offensive, hateful & sectarian comments.

    No danger is involved, no-one gets hurt, but the authorities will be OBLIGED to arrest & imprison them- all meals, heating, housing & healthcare will then be on the taxpayer for the next few months! Brilliant idea really.

  2. homegrownpa says:
    The state can’t pay pensions, healthcare, schools etc because they need the money to pay for wars created by the west. Watch 9/11 coincidences, it’s facinating.
  3. jamieleng says:
    I think it’s time to introduce the carousel from Logan’s Run.
  4. CivilizedMan444 says:
    … Problems, problems, complaints, complaints, but NOT ONE SOLUTION is ever offered!
    … To discover and apply the ONE SOLUTION to ALL Social Evils – an IDEAL, MONEYLESS, CONSUMER-BASED ECONOMY – study the lessons in the YouTube videos: “The Revolutionary ConsumerCard Article” and “The Great Pyramid, Why Was It Built, Lesson 1″.
  5. veniceit1 says:
    Welcome to the real world. Income taxes and Social Security Taxes that the old senior citizens paid their whole lives were nothing but huge government scams to steal money from people most of their lives. America ran the same scam on it’s citizens and still is running it. After people pay all their whole working lives the corrupt government lets inflation steal away the promised old age benefits. In the U. S. the pensioners have not gotten a raise in their paltry S. S. checks in over two years..
  6. dalbenton says:
    if we are forced to work then,where are the Job’s ????? im only working part time,even the money im making is not what you would call good money,lets get 1 thing right,if we where to drain david camerons money out,we got him to work for small pay,how would he like it,not only that most jobs are going down hill as it is,the poor old people,thats wrose than bad,they have a right to live as much as what the young people have to live as well,sod the poor,the least we should get is about £100 week
  7. OPOCHKA says:
    We have all been shit on by the Blair and Brown comedy show over the last ten years.

    But don’t worry, they have their nice £ million pension and a quiet little house in the sunny Bahamas.
    Now we all will have to work until death to pay for their lies and unbelievable incompetence.
    But even if we do, the debts are so huge now that we will Never – Ever pay off the debts.

    This bunch of over-moneyed loonies under Call-me-Dopey haven’t a clue about running even a sweet shop. Doom will come.

  8. arrotoxietak says:
    Western countries and governments are ALL BANKRUPT. In the past, they promised the impossible to their popolution: free healthcare, free council housing, pensions etc… This was possible only in exceptional economic and demographic circumstances, as those in 1960-1990. Those circumstances no longer exist, and the system is collapsing. People under 55 today will NEVER get a pension. We have to have children and HOPE that they will help us the day we will not be able to work anymore.
  9. SHEPPification says:
    whats funny about are government is that whilst they cut are pensions and raise the retirement age, at the same time they are trying to get people to stop smoking and eat healthier. whats the point of living longer in poverty and working till you die.
  10. amaqula says:
    Retirment is made bleak by the ageing demographic and too few children. cATHOLIC STATE please……..things are only going to get worse with a secular democracy.
  11. veniceit1 says:
    The BILLIONAIRE QUEEN and her ROYAL SCAMMERS could care less about the starving old people. The ROYALS live the life of vast luxury on TAX PAYER’S money while the poor and old suffer. The world is starting to cleanse itself from the parasites/plagues of KINGS, QUEENS, DICKTATORS, BILLIONAIRES AND OTHER FILTHY MONEY GRUBBERS. People around the wor;ld have had it with deception, lies and exploitation. Down with legalized theft and legalized corruption. GOD SAVE THE POOR WORKING PEOPLE AND ELDERLY.
  12. Rizky06 says:
    There will be strength in numbers. Here in the U.S. elderly people are not dissrespected as much.The real problem is their pensions/social security were long stolen and used for pointless wars, to fill in budget gaps and other real or contrived problems. The youth of today know their generation and even their children have been mortgaged (indentured servitude) into the forseeable future. Just think what would have happened if people were taught to be responsible stewards of their own money.
  13. KevinJKtheman says:
    @Rizky06 Yes you are right, I am not suffering YET, I am able to work and enjoy life, but do not want old age, things will only get worse for old people as they become a larger percentage of the population. Have you not noticed how much old people are dissrespected ? I don’t want that for me, so I’ll check out before that happens.
  14. Rizky06 says:
    Come on Kevin, energy does not dissipate it only changes form. Einstein did his best to prove this theory.
    Think about being born in the medieval times you were told when to wake up, when and where to work, where and when to crap, when to sleep. You were actually “Property Of the Crown”. Today you can eat, drink, think, listen to music, watch tv, internet and even drive to where you want. What suffering?? I am sure you want to stick around for your grandchildren..Hi Grandpa!
  15. KevinJKtheman says:
    @Rizky06 Well I hear what your saying and I thank you for your advice, but I think it comes down to beleif, and my beleif, is that there is no life after death. When you reach old age, death is inevitable, so why delay it ? After death comes cremation, after which there is nothing left of you to suffer.
  16. Rizky06 says:
    Don’t do it. What happens if death is even worse?
  17. Rizky06 says:
    New pension age 100. Be the steward of your own money. Are you going to trust a Government that is essentially insolvent.
  18. KevinJKtheman says:
    @animalcrosser591 Yes I suppose it is, but I just dont want old age, I’ve looked at my parents and grandparents, and dont want it for myself. Some people want to live to a ripe old age, so fair play to them, its just not for me.
  19. animalcrosser591 says:
    Oh man. That’s really extreme.
  20. KevinJKtheman says:
    It won’t happen to me, when my daughter is an adult I will take my own life, I shall do it on the eve of my 60th birthday.
  21. envanje says:
    What happens if you’re old and out of money ? Obliged euthanasia ? Was it this WW2 was fought for ? Be carefull you do not pass Hitler in inhumanity !
  22. civicnation4two says:
    Sell the house, dear. Homes in England are very expensive. Sell it, rent a nice apartment and pray you dont live to see 100.

    My condo is paid for here in Vancouver…..the strata fee is $200 per month. If I had a pension it would more than pay for that. People bitching about not being able to afford living in HOUSES are just bloody greedy. Your generation spent like drunks and now we have to wipe your ass too? FUCK YOU.

  23. LBC6893 says:
    just die already
  24. f10r1d4 says:
    get some teeth , lol
  25. helmethead72 says:
    I see that Barclays are paying out an average bonus of £220,000 for EACH of their staff in the investment arm of the business.And this crap was going on under the last labour government so don’t start playiing student politics over this issue, Francais 197! The enemy of the ordinary people around the world is GREED. The bastard bankers and politicians play a stinking game of “Heads we win,tales you lose”. WW3 is coming.What have we got to lose?? Its us or them!

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