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Olympic Village Receivership

Olympic Village Receivership

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3 Responses to "Olympic Village Receivership"

  1. jibbi4one says:
    Please pardon dim B.C. residents investors they can’t help being Canadian slaves to ungrateful provicial and fed. gov’t.
  2. civicnation4two says:
    ….like at other projects, these people will want to SUE the developer. Well listen up, you will lose, and aside from that wishful thinking, YOU are never guaranteed the actual worth of what you are purchasing. The dumbest people are often those that line up…..once that excitement fades and sales start to wane the real bargains are had by the ones who wouldnt pay the extortion price YOU paid.
  3. civicnation4two says:
    I went looking to buy a condo at the village and what they were offering was a very tiny little 500 sf unit for $385k!!!! They are out of their friggin mind! I bought a large loft elsewhere for $320k and its fantastic. With the bubble about to burst cutting the value of these homes down by 25% it is a horrible buy. The people who already bought are gonna be FURIOUS when they soon learn that effective FEBRUARY 2011 the exact same units they bought will be on sale at a 20% discount.

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