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One Year Later: Lyndon LaRouche Webcast July 22, 2008

July 18 2008 (LPAC)–On July 1, Lyndon LaRouche proposed emergency action by the US Federal Reserve Bank, to prevent social chaos, in the face of looming collapses of some leading US commercial banks and other financial institutions. LaRouche presented two emergency measures, aimed as stop-gaps, to prevent chaos. First, he called for the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to four percent, in order to assure that institutional depositors maintain their deposits in the banking system. Second, LaRouche called on the Federal Reserve to make it clear that whenever any commercial banks face insolvency, they will be put through bankruptcy reorganization under Fed protection. LaRouche further emphasized that the Federal government must immediately enact legislation, to massively increase credit for vital infrastructure projects. Today, LaRouche reiterated that the Fed must increase the interest rate to 4 percent. The only exception to this rate would be federally legislated credit extended for the development of needed infrastructure projects based on a capital budget approach. The interest on this credit should be in the range of 1 to 2 percent. We would thus have a two-tier credit system. LaRouche emphasized that the 4 percent interest rate is necessary to staunch the flow of funds out of the system into speculation and to defend the US against the British and the Europeans who are trying to incite panic in order to trigger an outflow of funds from the US and a collapse of


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25 Responses to "One Year Later: Lyndon LaRouche Webcast July 22, 2008"

  1. twotonetom98 says:
    Do you really belive @ 2:30 .00 that McCain Palin would be any different after being spoon fed by the British Astocrisy??????? what choice ??
  2. twotonetom98 says:
    WOW ,,, Listen to Alex , Ron Paul ,Bob Chapman , Gerald Celente , Paul Watson ….etc…. THIS GUY IS RIGHT ON !!!! 
  3. twotonetom98 says:
    LaRouche for PRES!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Ebdan88 says:
    I really had Hope for Lyndon LaRouche. I thougt that he was a reall man who was in the good side, not the EVIL side!!? Now more and more i am hearing he is a Globalist. Just listen to his Speech!!? He talks about dumping Obama and having a Global Economi!!??? isnt that The Globalists want!!?? Oh boy they are EVIL Clever, maybe that is why they have the power for so long time …!!?
  5. noodoo19 says:
    Lyndon LaRouche seems like a sweet man with honourable intentions, and goodness knows we need someone to lead us out of the veritable abyss we are sinking more and more deeply into, but he is not very eloquent. it might be the reason that his ideology has not “taken” after such a long period of trying. somethimes the visionary needs to acknowledge his weaknesses, and find the right people to fill certain roles in order to see that vision through to success. just a thought.
  6. Zamolxx says:
    w w w . schillerinstitute . org
  7. tamarak1000 says:
    The world owes so much to Mr. Larouche that I can’t even think how much.
  8. lawharrison says:
    Operation FreeCast will take place this September 10th at pre determined times across the midwest and hopefully nation wide. It will not be kept a secret from anyone especially federal law enforcement. This is not going to be quiet or subverted, it will be the line in the sand, it will be the change w have been promised for decades that never came. There will be no more press conferences, no more hearings, no more executive privileges, only the roar of the greatest country reawakened…
  9. Sagefrakrobatik says:
    I’m just starting watching this I read some of his PAC brochures. I had a hard time with understanding the literature hopefully this video will make more sense.
  10. Sixalienasa says:
    Have you tried getting a job and earning money?
  11. laroucheyouth says:
    Money.  We are a Political Action Committee, and rely on the financial contributions of people who support our activity.

    You can contribute on our website:
    LaRouchePAC {d0t} com

  12. Sixalienasa says:
    I see only comments which agree with this vide are allowed.
  13. Sixalienasa says:
    I am afraid that Mr La rouche sounds like a Recording Contract. Rambling. Boring. Confusing.
    I am a little too old to be President of the United States, but if the people want me then I am ready.
  14. Sixalienasa says:
    What sort of contributions are you talking about?
  15. Sixalienasa says:
    What does; The Sip is Shinking, mean?
  16. laroucheyouth says:
    Your contributions to LaRouchePAC are welcome.
  17. PonguigPeopinn says:
    You should increase the speed of both the LPAC and CEC website video transfers. In fact I would prefer if you actually worked to improve the speed of podcast transfer however your server for podcasts seems to be one and the same.
  18. bkksugarsyrup says:
    usa gov spend fucking mony to protect ppl from war…that fucking lots month of it but confict about thinking ma
    ke war
  19. BoxGuy1951 says:
    TYX – The Right Wingers will wait for about two months and then blame all of the social and financial problems on the Obama administration as always. Great finger pointers but very greasy !
  20. jesuslikedpie says:
    hes bush with reverse michael jackson syndrome, give it time.
  21. someintelligence4u says:
    Smart guy, too bad “smart” has no place in modern American Government, or any govt. as far as that goes. We will have to learn as we always have…the hard way.
  22. jkaleva says:
  23. WeThePeople4Larouche says:
    So, the crisis of today actually began on April 13, 1945, when President Harry Truman, by adopting the imperialist policies of John Maynard Keynes, which President Roosevelt had rejected, thus cancelled the most crucial of the axiomatic features of the general U.S. recovery which had been led by President Franklin Roosevelt up to that time.
  24. laroucheyouth says:
    It is all on Larouchepac {d0t} c0m
  25. beerbrook says:
    where did you find this video?

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