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Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Attorney Orange County CA-Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys. Visit Is Chapter 13 bankruptcy the best option for you? Learn how Chapter 13 works.


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4 Responses to "Orange County Bankruptcy Attorneys – Chapter 13 Bankruptcy"

  1. 4224anthony says:
    orange county bankruptcy lawyer
  2. Jayden4224 says:
    Co-signed debt is your debt as soon as you co-sign, but student loans should not affect your debt ratio. You will need to run this by an attorney, it may vary in different states.
  3. ijnaveed says:
    sophia If your a cosigner and that debt is non-dischargeable, I don’t think it really matters. The debts actually belong to your son even though you cosigned on them.
  4. 4224sophia says:
    My husband and I are trying to file business bankruptcy in Illinois . It’s Chapter 7 and our attorney said the formula is that 51% of our total debt has to be business debt. I have student loans that I co-signed for my son. They are deferred while he is in school. I know they can’t be discharged in bankruptcy but my question is, do they count when I’m totaling our personal debt. They aren’t my debt unless he defaults and they’re not even due yet. Can anyone answer this?

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