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A James Jaeger film, ORIGINAL INTENT, features Ron Paul, Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira and Ted Baehr. The term, “original intent” refers to what the Founders meant at the time they wrote the US Constitution, not some “living” interpretation that merely caters to the political whims of the day. Unfortunately, influences, such as Cultural Marxism and Corporate Fascism, have influenced the Democratic and Republican parties so much, the Founders’ original intent has been seriously compromised. As a result, the republic guaranteed by the Constitution has wandered down a road towards insolvency, immorality and totalitarianism. ORIGINAL INTENT explores how this has happened and offers solutions that Americans, no matter what party affiliation, can apply to restore a nation of values, general welfare, and leadership by example. —————— if you received value from this show, please donate what you can at —————– for DVDs of this and other James Jaeger films go to www.MoviePubs.Net/singles


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  1. buzzsaw49 says:
    Ron Paul keeps making stupid assertions that there are 700 bases which is not true.

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