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Oz Correspondences

everything relates to everything… dorothy gale = goodly heart dorothy gale = earthly good


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9 Responses to "Oz Correspondences"

  1. downwindspiral says:
    @anewtattoobynancy1 ~
    everything is nice this side of the channel
    looking back at you,, ;-)
  2. anewtattoobynancy1 says:
    @anewtattoobynancy1 Oh…and you are a ver good story-teller! :D
  3. anewtattoobynancy1 says:
    @downwindspiral I could of sworn I commented on this video before hmmm Anyway…The Wizard of Oz was my all time fave as a child….I definitely need to watch it again now in a whole new grown-up light. Thanx so much, great video! <3
  4. downwindspiral says:
    (this is where it comes back to vigilance)
    it is only when everybody looks
    that they notice
    it’s just a little man
    pulling levers behind the green curtain..
  5. bushdidit2u911 says:
    very interesting!
  6. RoyalRamirez says:
    deep analogy, ill never be able to look at the wizard of oz the same again :) … Wish i had the balls to move into the jungle, it must have cost you a fortune to build a house there.
  7. BobForehead says:
    hah! i didn’t watch it via telly, sily. i get all my anglo-amero cable video from pirate streams out of Japan. they have good through-put, and the subtitling is funny.
  8. BobForehead says:
    i just saw the SciFi channel’s “Tin Man”, which was pretty faithful to “the Wonderful Wizard”; one could pick this thread outta that one, too…
  9. BobForehead says:
    Bank of England = ++
    TIN = +++
    (Tinman needs oil to continue heartless deforestation)
    ..and when the autarch is exposed behind the curtain of fraud, he sends the entire crew off by defaulting on his obligations with empty rhetoric, which they receive happily before returning to the colorless peasant reality of Kansas.
    This is a doctoral thesis waiting to happen.

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