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Pay My Debt Off – Episode 1 – Pilot / Intro

Four guys on the untrodden path to debt relief, what could possibly go wrong? Who are they? How are they going to do it?


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6 Responses to "Pay My Debt Off – Episode 1 – Pilot / Intro"

  1. Ania8926 says:
    you guys are hilarious! are you still taking money for the sitting? when does it start?
  2. 2112mike says:
    this is pretty funny stuff.
  3. agata99599 says:
    ok i still cant figure out how to pay the .99?!
  4. justinedziedzic says:
    i love you all!
    very much :) 
  5. agata99599 says:
    so how do i pay the. 99???
  6. agata99599 says:
    hahahahaha this is great!!!!

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