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Pay or Walk Away? Roy Oppenheim on Strategic Default with FOX News Oppenheim Law’s featured short sale and strategic default interview with South Florida’s WSNV FOX Channel 7. Roy Oppenheim is a Florida foreclosure defense attorney who helps homeowners decide if it’s worth it to continue paying their underwater mortgage and when to walk away. http


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8 Responses to "Pay or Walk Away? Roy Oppenheim on Strategic Default with FOX News"

  1. occupytheworld22 says:
  2. ElvinAshley says:
    No need to walk away anymore. If you were to fall behind, the banks will start the foreclosure proceedings. But in most cases the banks that start this procedure do not have the legal right to do so. Most of these loans were sold and resold, and they can not locate the original promisary note. Just get an attorney to sue the bank, and ask for all 125 documents. Most cases they can not locate these, forcing them to work with you.
    Need Help ? let me show you
  3. Soldier957 says:
    How can he “bail her out”? Where does the difference of the original loan go?
  4. majinspy says:
    Businesses view their relationships with people as business relationships. They don’t care about you. This is fine with me, until they start pretending it is something other than pure business when the shoe is on the other foot.
  5. RayAir1 says:
    I chose to walk away. Even the modification terms they gave me were bunk. I would have been re-buying my house for $185,000. About $70,000 more than the current market value.

    Yes, I was seriously underwater and yes I said fuck it.

    I’m walking. Haven’t paid in 4 months .

  6. TheLIGHTinMYwindow says:
    So there in lies the problem. The banks are willing to foreclose and sell it to an investor for half its worth. WHY? Obviously the system is set up to provide them with financial gain for doing so. If those options were taken away from the banks, then they would modifiy the loans.

    END THE 3 MONTH TRIALS… so the banks have to modify the loan or not.

  7. wabio says:
    Wait. Did I just hear that correctly? Bankers lecturing others on “ethical behavior”?
  8. shalemar100 says:
    It is very stressful what a homeowner has to go through when home value is continuously plunging more and more. In addition, living in association that you do not see where your money is going towards.

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