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Pensions in Trouble; California releases 27000 inmates?; Detroit Schools face Bankruptcy

Detroit Schools on the Brink Democrats divided on health care overhaul 2009 College Graduates Moving Back Home in Larger Numbers, States Poll Despite recession, college grad pay remains stable State budget deal reduces prison inmates by 27000 Continental Air to Cut 1700 More Jobs as Loss Widens Two Biggest US Pension Funds Suffer Huge Losses


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  2. Public Pensions & California Insolvency Pt 2 Orange County VOTERS APPROVED MEASURE “J” requiring voter approval for increases to public employee benefits. Supervisor John Moorlach tells...

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  4. Wild fires in Texas wild fires in Minnesota insolvency in California bankruptcy in Detroit Are you people ok? Unemployment is quoted at 9 % but in reality is far over 20 % Houses are for sale for a...

  5. Detroit Bankruptcy Help “Detroit Bankruptcy Help”., Moran Law Offices is the best place to go for your Detroit Bankruptcy Help. ...

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25 Responses to "Pensions in Trouble; California releases 27000 inmates?; Detroit Schools face Bankruptcy"

  1. JoeJacari says:
    Detroit. Big D.

    James Toney’s coming to fight Couture in UFC 118. Go Toney. Win one for the Big Detroit. The Big D. baby!

  2. tickyul says:
    What really needs to be done with federal, state, city, local, etc, etc, pension plans (probably will never happen) is to have all new employees put on a DEFINED CONTRIBUTION (self directed ira/401k plan) plan, as opposed to a DEFINED BENEFIT plan. Curent employees under a DEFINED BENEFIT plan should be required to make contributions that will result in full funding of the pension system. Also, do away with the retiree health benefits, cannot justify this huge bennie any more.
  3. artsychic2000 says:
    Your u.s. government is no longer in control. I believe you are firmly under the grip of the cfr and the imf. Watch endgame by alex jones here on youtube…it says it all. Our so called prime minister of canada has effectively handed canada over to them as well. Please call on Jesus, he will get you through anything.
  4. fifthavenuegirl says:
    @artsychic2000 Hi. I wonder if the State of Calif will file bankruptcy and that’s why they are doing that? I work for the state and was told there is a law that states califonria is not allowed to file bankruptcy but so far austria-lopithicus man (gov) has not followed any laws or agreements just done his thing…
  5. artsychic2000 says:
    get the hell out of california! There are alot of foreign troops there and I know first hand that my canadian government is sending 3,700 canadian troops there on january 4th. 700 pieces of equipment including lav’s and tanks and other vehicles. Both my sons are going and i believe that they are going to shut down everything. Canada does not send troops and pay the expence like this. It’s not training like my sons say. This is an exercise. Be aware, get out of there.
  6. homertalk says:
    Tuition is way out of wack with reality. Government loans only enable colleges to charge more because they know the government is willing to loan it out. These colleges will soon find out that there useless instructors and other ivory towers are not needed to get a majority of useless degrees.
  7. Lingerfoot says:
    What happens when California goes bankrupt, and the dollar collapses? Will they issue a new currency or will we break up like The Soviet Union? What about The North American Union and The Amero?
  8. Lingerfoot says:
    Sir, have you read, Conspiracy of the Rich by Robert Kiyosaki, or END THE FED by Ron Paul? Are you a fan of Bill Hicks, or George Carlin? Those books helped me to understand what is going on better.
  9. RULI1974 says:
  10. boat6868 says:
    Gov’t pensions are a huge issue.
  11. MrSyntha6 says:
    Adios California..R.I.P
  12. talon115 says:
    You are absolutely right! We all know folks with degree’s that are borderline retarded. That whole system and idea is a scam to get people in debt!
  13. imchet says:
    Volunteering is great when it supports a social, political, environmental cause etc. Kudos to all of you who do. However volunteering so that somebody can make a profit off you is complete hor*e *hit!
  14. jaingxu says:
    September 19 march on washington. I’m going to try and make it.

    Thanks for the video DEMCAD

  15. godsspartin117 says:
    I think the potter girl is hott aswell lol
  16. redline601 says:
    the system is broken and can t be fixed now

    we just have to wait shorly for the next one

  17. WhiteCastleFarts says:
    hey demcad…how come we never see the mossberg anymore? and what’s with that pink shirt? no mossberg and a pink shirt, huh. you didn’t turn into one of them liberal pillow biters did you? goddamn faggots are everywhere.
  18. WhiteCastleFarts says:
    fuck Detroit schools…someone has to clean America’s toilets
  19. WhiteCastleFarts says:
    Hey Demcad…you ever eat White Castle Burgers? They are the food of the Gods.
  20. WhiteDEMCAD says:
    Prostitution, robots and ballet, oh my.
  21. nasanction says:
    Q: what did you do from sept to july?
    A: The same thing I’m doing now. Looking for work… I refuse to work for free just to fill a blank… Times are hard and the employer should know this with the flood of apps. on his desk.
  22. MegaJimmy777 says:
    You are very fortunate to be living in one of the last wilderness area’s on the planet. There is a long ass winter and its pretty isolated from the lower 49, but you’ll never starve there. Natural food is abundant. In the summer you have constant sun to grow a great organic garden. Best of luck to you demcad, keep on spreading the words of truth. your friend jimmy
  23. mikeybrumbrum says:
    Thats the whole problem, matey.

    Once the real pigs in society reliase they can be on the dark side, or the light side, they will join the dark, in a second.

    And your children will be “corrected” by their children, and so on.
    The Roman Empire in Europe finished in around 1650 AD. Thats a LONG time, from 700 AD when it RE-EMERGED out of the DARK AGES.
    The lights came back on, after the dark ages, and everything was Roman, and there were churches.
    ARMAGGEDON Repeats itself !
    READ !

  24. agojam7 says:
    I bet the violent ones will eventually end up on the so called “civillian” security force that’s in the works.
  25. drutter says:
    Your videos are great, Reginald. And good job sneaking silver in there – needs to be said now and then! :)

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