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Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys

Phoenix Bankruptcy Attorneys Phoenix, Arizona Be honest — are you one of those people who are planning to file bankruptcy? Everyone who is in deep financial problem wants to know how to find an affordable bankruptcy lawyer. Well, here’s how to do it in ten minutes or less. Using free resources online you can locate cheap bankruptcy lawyers near you. Online Resource #1: Use Google Maps located in Type the search term “cheap bankruptcy lawyers” in the search field. Add your hometown, state, and zip code to make the results more accurate. Press “Enter” or click the “Search Maps” button. Google will then give you a result of businesses that matches your search query. You will see a map with markers on it. Click any of the markers and you will see the actual address, phone number, and their web site address. You can also perform the above method using Yahoo! Local located in Online Resource #2: Martindale-Hubbell Legal Network located in This is the online version of Martindale-Hubbell comprehensive directory of lawyers. Use the “Lawyer Locator” to search their online database. Leave the names and law firm blank since you are not looking for a particular lawyer. Type in your city or hometown under the “City” field and select your state. Don’t forget to change the country to “United States”. Under the “Areas of Practice” select bankruptcy. Click the “GO” button and you should have your list of bankruptcy lawyers. If the results


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