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PJTV: Obama’s Pet Solar Energy Company Going Bankrupt

What happens when the federal government flies too close to the sun? Find out as Front Page discusses the expected bankruptcy of Obama’s pet solar energy project, Solyndra Inc., which took hundreds of millions in federal loans and then filed for bankruptcy. What role did Obama donor George Kaiser play in this company?


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14 Responses to "PJTV: Obama’s Pet Solar Energy Company Going Bankrupt"

  1. senoner90 says:
    At least they tried to do something good, unfortunately it did not work out… but what about 3 trillions spent on wars in the last 10 years, what do tax payers say about that? Everyone seems to be fine with it… what disturbed ideologies these people have…
  2. landasn says:
    It’s amazing how quickly the left buy into the Progressives promise of fairness and fighting against evil corporations. Meanwhile, the Progressives are totally into a centrally planned economy with Crony Capitalism where they pick the corporate winners and loosers. By doing so they make millions and receive millions in campaign funds while their corporate ‘friends’ make millions in government money. Yet, liberals can’t break out the haze to see what party is really in the pocket of big business.
  3. osho575 says:
    The Government can’t do ANYTHING that works. Even the communist Chinese have somewhat figured this out, hence the explosion in productivity. Private individuals investing for their own benefit ONLY risk money in what works. Solar is best left to private enterprise, govt involvement only impedes progress. Too many morons like Van Jones in management positions.
  4. bobbytiger says:
    Come on now, it was only $535,000,000.00 of taxpayor money.
    Hardly enough to get excited about when one looks at the total amount of money Obama has thrown away.
  5. HumbleWillis says:
    This is what we’re talking about at the Tea Party. The “Green Economy” is a pipe dream. Even with HALF A BILLION DOLLARS in government money to keep it afloat, this green tech company STILL went bankrupt! Why? Because it doesn’t work! It doesn’t work! It doesn’t work!

    These liberal agenda jobs never have worked, don’t work, and never will work. Yet, the liberals keep pushing them as the salvation of not only the economy, but the world. IT DOESN’T WORK! Stop it already!

  6. flyinbry says:
  7. samuils says:
    @trino26 Its pointless to secure a non cost effective energy, considering that we have hundreds of years of oil and coal in USA, if we only start to use it. Also encouraging an enterprise distorts its products true value, thus making it much cheaper at the beginning, therefore having same effect as choosing winners. Government should stay out completely. It is the only way you will get an incredibly efficient new cheaper cleaner energy, though competition
  8. trino26 says:
    @samuils – as I said, I agree that gvmn shouldn’t fund those enterprises, but they can be encouraged by tax breaks and lenient regulations. This is not about picking winners and not about economy. Energy is a strategic resource and as such its gvmnts job to secure this resource even if it might be not so cost-effective in the beginning.
    It might be cheaper to import grain or milk than to produce it, but its a strategic resource and so gvmn might encourage it. same with energy…
  9. samuils says:
    @trino26 The Alternative energy, is being researched as it is (natural gas) and look up on the internet, or even youtube, there are many interpreters who are into alternatives. The government must NEVER be into any energy or any enterprise, because by choosing winners, the other alternatives will fade due to inadequate or absent funding
  10. trino26 says:
    I agree with most of the stuff said here, but I think PJTV is way too negative about green. True, there’s too much politics there and it should be dealt with. True, Gvmt should NOT be investing taxpayer’s money into green. But green energy must be researched. Oil and gas are not going to last forever and their growing use increases dependency on other states (often hostile states). Once in production, Green energy will evolve and become more efficient and cost-effective.
  11. ObiWanShinobi1 says:
    I guess to follow that logic, the dems can be diselected and relegated to america’s political attic to gather dust, and they can go with confidence, having been a “resounding success”
  12. kruegerhaus says:
    Very good Allen, but too “inside politics.” If ANY president is awarding half a BILLION to friends who then close shop and walk away… that president NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED. (Period. Drunken Democrat or otherwise.)
  13. tak178 says:
    It’s a very thin line between crony capitalism and fascistic control of the economy. The Marxist continues to tread that line in a way that is too close for comfort.
  14. scepticsteve says:
    Solar on earth is not viable. And it’s not “clean” at all. If something is horribly expensive and cannot live without government favorism (and solar has a hard time to survive WITH subsidies) that’s a good indicator that it’s a scam.
    In fact I cannot think of one “green” project that actually helps the environment or works. Solar, wind, battery-operated cars, biofuels, exporting production jobs to the third world (with NO env. standards) via regulations… all scams to redistribute capital.

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