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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Debt Consolidation and Refinancing » POOR CREDIT — I’m in debt consolidation with a 400 credit score — How can I finance a car, I have lots of $

POOR CREDIT — I’m in debt consolidation with a 400 credit score — How can I finance a car, I have lots of $

I am going througt debt consolidation and my credit score dropped, big time. I make plenty of cash to get a car for about $300 a month, but every bank has been turning me down. I have $5000 to put down and all I want is a $15000 vehicle. Any answer to this would be excellent, thank you!


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6 Responses to "POOR CREDIT — I’m in debt consolidation with a 400 credit score — How can I finance a car, I have lots of $"

  1. adam koestline says:
  2. says:
    I do not know where you live but my son sells nice used cars in St Louis and I think with that large a down payment he could get you done but not with a bank but an expensive finance company in a minute. You would get taken but if you want a car go to a used car dealer, because they have ways to get you done. They have to or they would not survive
  3. JDZA says:
    You’ll have to go to a car lot that does “in-house” financing. Usually only used car lots do this. They frequently advertise this type of financing if it’s available. You’ll probably have to pay about 1/3 – 1/2 the value of the car as a down payment. They usually make the down payment the same as what they paid for the car so they are at no risk and your interest rate will probably be over 20%. (YIKES) Good luck.
  4. Jasmine says:
    Yikes, 400?? I think that is the lowest I’ve ever seen . . .

    I think you are probably better off buying a car with cash because even if you get financed your interest rate is going to be sky high . . .

  5. Credic J says:
    If you make a lot of cash then pay with cash!

    Otherwise the best way to build credit is to rack up a balance and pay it off every month. It’ll take a while but it’s the only way to do.

    You can also get a co-signer to help you out that has better credit.

  6. Jennifer says:
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