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Poor Credit Private Student Loan Consolidation?

My credit is not so good but I just graduated with my MBA and would like to consolidate my private student loans. Can anyone recommed some lenders or private investors that can assist me? If I have to pay a percentage higher to get them consolidated, I will.


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2 Responses to "Poor Credit Private Student Loan Consolidation?"

  1. Jimmy John says:
    I did it with my local bank and I got a good service and interesting rates.

    Majors (Citi, Bank of America,etc) are offering good rates, too.

    Good luck !

  2. rajesh k says:
    If you have a poor credit score, it is difficult to get a loan from most banks and financial institutions. Credit is usually available only at a very high interest rate.Only few companies provide loan with poor credit score.Check out link for details.

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