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Postal Service Bankrupt?

The Postal Service is said to be bankrupt, Cenk Uygur gives you the truth. How did the Republicans screw the Post Office? The Young Turks on Current TV: The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter: Support TYT for FREE:

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25 Responses to "Postal Service Bankrupt?"

  1. JavierSupply says:
    Drive more miles just to find another post office?? Fuck that. Petroleum companies can kiss my ass. I’ll just pay all my bills online now.
  2. enjoyitbro says:
    You know in 2010 when Republicans were voted in out of anger of how the Dems pushed through that healthcare bs. I’m sure those voters were thinking YES lets go after the post office
  3. 92soothsayer says:
    this is fucked up for me to hear. seriously! i will lose all faith in humanity if i have to start spending $15 to $20 just for me to send a piece of paper or 2 somewhere. i will be fuckin PISSED. i will protest. i will find a group who’s also pissed, and i will protest

    hearing all this i am never using ups or fedex, unless a business i’m ordering something i really want from gives me no choice. but yea, i ordered from Lukie Games and chose the free USPS shipping. why? because i’m fuckin PATIENT

  4. RKAddict101 says:
    I thought even liberals don’t like monopolies, why do you like a postal service monopoly? Even if they wouldn’t be running deficits, you should remember they are charging monopoly prices =/
  5. 2anime4ever says:
    Looks like it’s time to bring out our owls again.
  6. Nanostarification says:
    Public infrastructure (ie the Post Office) was never meant to earn a profit. The purpose of infrastructure is to lower the cost of doing business, thus increasing the competitiveness of the economy.
  7. KillerBee256 says:
    @dogwood912 When join a union like your friend and fight for some rights!
  8. silviasboy says:
    And the banks are waiting to this day theyll start imposing high fees for online paying. Reason? Heavy online traffic and Yes…its to say that its for their systems overloading. Lol
  9. dogwood912 says:
    I know a postal service worker, he has been with his current employer for 25 years, he is given 7 weeks of paid leave a year, this includes vacation, sick leave, and the observance of National Holidays. He and his family also have full medical and dental insurance. Perhaps these benefit packages are weighing down the Postal Service? I have been with my present employer for the same length of time and am afforded 10 days annually with no insurance, and I have a college degree.
  10. 47f0 says:
    @start12poop – that percentage is straight from the 2010 UPS annual stockholders report – they only want the most profitable 80% or so of the market. I can ship you their current xarea table – it’s a list of zip codes where you will never, ever see a UPS truck, and that table is larger for 2011 than it was in 2010 – they can’t be bothered. What part of “FOR PROFIT” do you not understand? I swear, I’ve got little crunchy crusty things between my toes that have more business sense than you.
  11. Demockracy69 says:
    @MilkeyCocoa good attitude keep fighting the good.. oh wait.
  12. 47f0 says:
    @start12poop – Heh, you slow little puppy you. I think it’s really cute how you believe that trudging around to every single house on the block is somehow cheaper than driving to one house and tossing a box on the porch. And even if that silly idea were true, it’s a fact that UPS/FEDEX literally do not want to serve between 18%-22% of Americans in small towns and rural areas. You would have to force UPS/FEDEX to serve them under penalty of law – and they’d scream bloody murder about it.
  13. 47f0 says:
    @start12poop – Actually, you’re right. I measured. The floor of my porch, where UPS and FEDEX drop my deliveries is exactly 51 inches straight down from the mailbox – not three feet. So, in your tiny little mind, it’s slower and more of a ball-buster to hit one house on the block, toss a package on the porch and leave than it is to walk every single house on the block hitting each and every mailbox, and checking for outbound mail. What a bizarre little planet you live on.
  14. 47f0 says:
    @markenssa – As it’s clear from the monumental illiteracy of your post that English is not your native language, hence the U.S. is not your native country, I’ll try to explain thing to you in small words.
    The USPS revenue is not “reclining” (declining, twit). They manage revenue streams by altering postage rates, which are still insanely cheap. They are THE only universal carrier in the U.S. They also are mandated by the Constitution.
  15. MyTemporaryAccount88 says:
    “Government can’t do anything right”, well yeah republicans, I agree with you as long as it’s a republican government.
  16. markenssa says:
    Let it go TYT, USPS is an old world institution troubled for over 10 years of reclining revenue from decreasing volume. its the internet old timer not the Republican boggieman, I appreciate your conservative sentiment of concern for the old world but it is time to move on.
  17. hasankhalid says:
    cenk dont leave the democrats out of it they are just as corrupt
  18. johnedwards1968 says:
    @start12poop Why would the mailbox the USPS paid for be available for FedEx? I don’t understand how you expect 1 corporation to pay for infrastructure, and allow another to use it as free, to be fair?
  19. amfanmagician says:
    @TheRoboticAssassin Just the opposite for me. It can depend on what you are purchasing. For example larger ticket items would probably have more of a tendency to not be carried by the Postal Service.
  20. 47f0 says:
    @start12poop – yeah. I know that in your trailer park all the mailboxes are locked, because all of your inbred half-cousin, half-sibling neighbors will steal your benefit check, but for most of America, UPS and Fedex have no problem dropping a letter or package on the porch, less than three feet away from the non-locking mailbox. Amazing, isn’t it – Turns out those mailboxes don’t have government lasers that shoot at any UPS/FEDEX driver trying to drop off a delivery.
  21. 47f0 says:
    @start12poop – “fedex has to go up to your door everyday usps doesnt…”
    Let me guess. You’re trying to win some kind of village idiot contest, right? Since you obviously got your kid sister to type your post for you, and since you obviously don’t know the English alphabet, that white truck that comes around every day says “United States Postal Service”. It doesn’t say “Fedex”. I know you can’t figure out the words, but just ask the driver tomorrow. That is, if you’re allowed out of the house
  22. luckydog12472 says:
    @ccricers What you are not aware of is that the USPS transports most of Fedex’s mail.
  23. TheRoboticAssassin says:
    @amfanmagician Weird because the stuff i get comes from UPS all the time.
  24. astrozier1 says:
    tell the truth and shame the devil
  25. ccricers says:
    @Xenite227 I ordered new internet service last week and they told me that the modem will be shipped by Priority Mail. A couple days later FEDEX brought me the package. lol

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