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pre college program OR internship?

I am in my sophomore year of high school right now, and was thinking about what to do this up coming summer. I have hear that applying for a selective pre-college program is a good thing to do because it lets you experience college, while giving you credit for classes. Applying for an internship with a local professional might be a good thing to do too. This past summer I had the opportunity to do a Duke TIP summer course, it was really expensive and wasn’t much more than an educational summer camp, so instead I stayed home and did an art internship which was really an amazing experience too. Please don’t harp on me for trying to pad my resume, but which would look more professional to colleges? A pre-college program at a university like Northwestern or Columbia, or doing an internship and shadowing say a local architect, or journalist? (those are the two subjects I am interested in. yes I am aware they aren’t really related)


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  1. phs625 says:
    Since your in high school, take a pre-college program so you can get a feel of college courses. You can take internships once your in college.

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