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Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. Overview is a site produced by Chaitanya Lay and Harry Gopaul in order to provide accurate information about Pre Paid Legal, as providers and users of Pre Paid Legal services they have come to rely on it to fit all their Legal needs. However while not attempting to sell you a program that is not right for you, Chaitanya and Harry will help you distinguish the right pre paid legal service plan for you in order for you to get the proper legal coverage for an affordable price. Chaitanya and Harry believe in providing excellent service in helping people get the legal help they need. Be sure to visit their website, http to learn more. Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc – Are The Complaints Justified? Background: Pre-Paid Legal (“PPL”) Services Inc. was founded by Harland Stonecipher when he could not find reasonable cost legal representation. His experience led him to believe that a market niche existed for the middle American to be able to afford legal representation. PPL was born. The company supplies various types of representation throughout the United States and Canada for a range of budgets. Some professionals and consumers complain that it is impossible to have adequate representation in such a cookie cutter fashion. Let’s take a closer look at the PPL opportunity and see if the complaints are warranted. Should they raise concerns about affiliation with this company? The Product: PPL’s seminal plan is for families. For $26/month members receive coverage for

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