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Prime Minister Harper Allows Banks to Abuse Disabled

Prime Minister Harper is burying the disabled when he refuses to amend bankruptcy law to give priority for disability insurance provided by employers. This decision forces Canadian disabled employees into poverty when their employers go bankrupt. He listens to the Canadian Bankers Association, who has done no research on unsafe disability insurance. Policyholders at insolvent insurance companies get priority over the creditors and this must be the same for employers playing the role of insurer. Where disability insurance is provided by the employer, it must have priority over the creditors at the bankrupt corporation. Disability insurance at insurers has: (1) a requirement for disability income reserves, (2) policyholders are ahead of the creditors at insolvent insurers, and (3) there is Assuris to provide further protection of disability insurance after the insurer has failed. Only the Federal Government can provide priority for disability insurance at both insolvent insurers and employers. The banks should not have a say on what is required for safe disability insurance. The Federal Government needs to provide security for its disabled citizens.


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