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Private Student Loan Consolidation?? Any light?

Can a private student loan be dischared in court? BK? my loans got out of hand and i owe 150K!!!! :( help


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3 Responses to "Private Student Loan Consolidation?? Any light?"

  1. forrestfirejr says:
    You need to start doing two things and quick. Find a good financial lawyer, I would imagine you got hit with some pretty hard penalties to get up to 150,000. Some of those penalties are more legal than others.

    Second, start searching for government based jobs and grants. Loan forgivness programs exist, but are hard to come by. Anything you can do to get money from the gov’t that will help you start paying back you’re loans is a plus.

    Or join the peace corp/army and fall off the face of the planet. That always works.

  2. ="-__-"= says:
    I hope you don’t take BRIAN S advice… He spelled MONEY wrong.. :)
  3. qoppei says:
    Student consolidation loan involves converting the loans taken by the students or parents into a single big loan from one lender. They are available as FFELP, FISL, Perkins, HEAL, Health Professional Student Loans, NSL, Guaranteed Student Loans and Direct loans. Few of the lenders let you consolidate these loans as private loans.

    You pay lower monthly installments since the duration of these loans is more than 10 years. Usually, these loans last for 12-30 years according to the amount borrowed.

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