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Private student loan consolidation help?

I’m looking into consolidating my federal loans. If I submit an application to find out if I am approved, I will have to give the ok before the consolidation goes through, correct? I just want to make sure that by submitting this application they won’t automatically approve me and then I’ll be screwed if the interest rate sucks. I would just call the company, but I am at work right now and can’t use the phone. Any ideas? I’m going through citibank.


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2 Responses to "Private student loan consolidation help?"

  1. peter b says:
    You apply and they give you terms based on creditworthiness etc… By doing this you do not accept the loan. I believe you can turn it down because nothing is official until all the paper work is signed. And it may be easier if you do it online.
  2. Suryadi S says:
    Maybe you can try below website to get the information you need. It’s about student loans consolidation articles for your second opinion.,%20Pay%20Less,%20Spend%20More.htm

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