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Program 3648

1-800-915-1988. Program 3648 is a privately sponsored nationwide initiative to help homeowners take advantage of HR 3648, The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, which has been extended to 2013. Realtor Partners assisting these homeowners with a short sale averaged 5.5% commission with average turn-around times of 45.9 days in 2009 down from 60.5 days in 2008.


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  1. bowbay72 says:
  2. lilmissbay says:
    Program 3648 scam prevention task force has been launched.
    I saw the Program3648 press release.
  3. TheAmyb5 says:
    Program 3648 is a nice system for realtors who are interested in working short sales. I recommend Program3648.
  4. bowbay72 says:
    Program 3648 is nice program!
  5. bowbay72 says:
    Nice program!

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