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Program that spray-paints baby seals?

I heard from my mom about a program that goes out and spraypaints baby harp seals to make their coats undesirable for fur hunters. I’ve seen the brutality of seal pup hunting, and I want to get my class (and even school) started on raising money for this organization. Does anybody know of a way to contact some people, or even the website (which would be awesome) so I can inform my class.


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5 Responses to "Program that spray-paints baby seals?"

  1. lioness says:
    Seals cannot be hunted in Canada until after they have shed those cute white coats and their mothers have abandoned them. This has bee banned since 1987.

    While young may be hunted baby’s that fully depend on their mothers cannot be touch. Seals are not particularly nurturing animals and their pups are on their own after about two weeks.

    I’m sure your school would rather you not support some of these anti sealing groups considering how may have been connected to threats or attempts to harm other people.

    There are many conservation groups that protect marine habitats and other wild spaces. I’m sure if you talked to your teacher you could arrange something along those lines.

    If you want to talk to your class about seals be sure to look beyond You tube videos and Peta’s posters.

    Canada’s seal hunt is humane and tightly regulated.

    It is Illegal to skin a seal alive

    Sealing can make up to 35% of a sealers income. ( imagine if your parents lost 35% of their income)

    Harp seals are not at risk.

    Most seals are shot not killed with a hakipik.

    Here’s a bit of light reading. It’s a bit old but it will provide some background

    Here are a few links

  2. Connor R. says:
    first look into the program, research it then contact them. good luck
  3. muddyriverdogz says:
    Lioness is telling you exactly right.You do not want to be a part of extremist organizations like PETA.They use no science or practicality for there stance’s on anything, just emmotion.

    People have to use Animals for there very existance.Animals have to use other animals for there very existance also.Its part of life.

  4. laz4059 says:
    Don’t make the mistake of falling into the trap of enigmatic, well publicized species.
  5. golgafrincham says:
    Yeah, I remember hearing about some folks going and doing that. Every seal they went out and tagged ended up dead within the next week. Instead of being killed for their pelts, they were killed by natural predators because the camouflage of the white pelt is kind of ineffective when it is no longer white. So, I don’t think anyone still does that, since it is documented stupid.

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