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Question about college degree?

I wed into a very wealthy family. My question is which degree in a BA would you advise. The company does most business in acquisitions of steel mills/liquidation and manufacturing of steel compontents. TIA


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2 Responses to "Question about college degree?"

  1. David L says:
    Congratulations on striking it rich. :) A BA in Business with an emphasis on finance would be a very well rounded degree for the type of work I would expect to encounter in the business you describe. Of course, you could also study finance specifically, but a business degree will provide some additional study of communications, marketing, law and whatnot. That would be my suggestion.
  2. Adam B says:
    Business is probably your best bet, but choose a functional concentration like finance or accounting. You will likely be required to fulfill requirements beyond your concentration like marketing, operations, and management strategy. These may or may not be particularly relevant to your family’s business, but they are all worth being exposed to. It is probably also worth talking to you in-laws to find out if there is a specific area of the business that they are trying to grow. You may be in a good position to establish a new area of expertise that would make you valuable to them in their long-term goals for the company.

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