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Question for people against public health care?

What is YOUR solution to 62% of bankruptcies being caused by medical bills?

Yes the majority of Americans who go bankrupted, do so from medical bills they can’t pay. Then the CEO’s, who conservatives care about SO much, end up losing money anyway.

So whats your solution?

I think if you are going to criticize an idea.. you need to have a BETTER one yourself.


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5 Responses to "Question for people against public health care?"

  1. KS says:
    I agree that something needs to be done about the cost of health care-but this proposed bill is not the answer. Read it. The federal government needs to fix medicare and social security. Considering people have paid into these programs their whole lives and now they are going bankrupt. If the government can’t run the post office,medicare,medicaid, or social security, how can you have faith in them to run health care?

    Have you read any of the senate proposed bill? If you are going to support it-you should read it.

  2. ebola_patient_zero says:
    You got it all wrong. The problem isn’t bankruptcy, the problem is debt. And you don’t need a solution to bankruptcies, as bankruptcies *are* the solution.

    Btw, if public health care is instituted and there are fewer bankruptcies caused by health costs, something else will take over as the thing that causes most bankruptcies. Maybe it will be mortgages, car payments, credit card debt, who knows. Will you advocate the government pay for that, too, or is it just for this? Is “it causes the most bankruptcies” a legit reason to have the government pay for it or are you just grasping at straws?

  3. Ryde-On says:
    Actually, people go bankrupt because they don’t have enough money to pay their bills.

    In reality ,it’s a legal remedy to escape financial obligation.

    My soultion is to have medical insurance and an umbrella policy.

  4. WereTurtle says:
    Constitutionally speaking, how is someones personal finances my business?

    I don’t think one needs to have a better idea to point out an existing idea is fundamentally BAD for the American people. If one of my friends says, “Hey! Lets go destroy our financial futures tonight!”, I think it is within my right to say, “No, that is a really bad idea”, without needing to offer up a better idea. The Truth need no alternative.

  5. Hd says:
    that’s what bankruptcy is for, when you can’t pay your bills, medical or other. this proposed public health care thing won’t stop or prevent the fact that people will still have a deductible to pay and any amount over and above the limits of the policy. this proposed thing is not free health care, we’ll still have to pay, pay for the policy and pay for over and above the limits charges, insurance only pays so much.

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