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Questions About Foreclosure Help Texas

What is Texas Foreclosure process. Trying to help friend out of a jam.?

Industry Expert answers:

Your best bet is to do your research on this site:
Frequently Asked Legal Research Questions:
In case you can’t get to the books here is another link that you can read the way it works in Texas:
Texas A&M information pamphlet on Foreclosures:
Buena Suerte

HELP!! Need to buy some time on a Texas foreclosure!!?

Someone in my family is about to lose their home to foreclosure. We’ve already received a notice of foreclosure from the attorney saying that it will be June 4th. It says we can dispute the debt within 30 days of the receipt of the notice. We will dispute it because the lender has given us 4 different amounts for the payoff. What can we do legally to buy ourselves some time?

Industry Expert answers:

Demand copy of the NOTE obligating the person to pay.
Whatever happens, do NOT skip the court date.
Go to HUD accredited credit counseling agency.
Come up with some money.
Request forbearance or loan modification.
Not enough info received here, but sounds like you guys are waiting until the very last minute to try to save the house.

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