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Quick Reconveyance Method Quickly and legally reconvey your property. Fight foreclosure. Stop your lender from foreclosing your house.

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3 Responses to "Quick Reconveyance Method"

  1. Silverwolf70 says:
    This is still a relatively new process. We have a number of people “in process” doing this method.
  2. rachel112263 says:
    George, have there been any positive rulings using this method??? It’s genius!! I see you have updated a lot of your information. I’ll be contacting you.
  3. Edgar says:
    I am negotiating with My Original Banker asking them to Provide me with a Letter Stating that the Debt is Paid. Then In Texas , Statute 12.017, Affidavit Of Release OF Lien , Can Be Filed Without the Consent from the Original Lender as long as it is Signed by an Officer of your Title insurance Policy. .. an Attorney can Help you draft the Affidavit.

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