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Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch Present The Declaration of Independents

Please RATE and SHARE this video, and subscribe to our channel for more videos from Cato! Reason editors Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch introduce their new book, “The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What’s Wrong with America,” with a multimedia presentation in the Hayek Auditorium. “In a world where our [political] choices are limited to John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi, the survivors envy the dead,” they write. But that’s not the world they actually see. They argue that despite our stunted politics, despite national bankruptcy, despite the war on drugs, revolutionary innovators have changed our world over the past 40 years: Vaclav Havel and the Plastic People of the Universe, Herb Kelleher and Southwest Airlines, Tiger Woods and the breakdown of categories, the personalization of media, and much more. It’s just politics that is resisting freedom and choice. And now millions of voters are trying to break out of stagnant political choices. Gillespie and Welch see a “future so bright, we gotta wear shades.”


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24 Responses to "Reason’s Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch Present The Declaration of Independents"

  1. 999qoou says:
  2. Madfoot713 says:
    @mtanousable I think they have been doing that, it’s kind of cool how how Paul’s campaign has mended some of the wounds. :D I saw Nick Gillespie on C-SPAN yesterday, and he was objective about Ron Paul, but overall favorable.
  3. mtanousable says:
    @Madfoot713 I agree. Instead of focusing on differences, we should be focusing on points of agreement. Separated into groups, libertarians have little sway, but if the focus is on the vast gulf between libertarianism and the standard big-government policies of the “Republicrats”, the message gains more sway. Instead of rebelling against the “Ron Paul Revolution”, Cato and Reason should be embracing it, and debating the more minor specifics once it, hopefully, gains widespread acceptance.
  4. Madfoot713 says:
    @RepublicConstitution It’s useful to follow the money, but I think the Koch connections are overblown. It’s annoying when liberals do it, and it’s still annoying when misesians talk about it. I think it’s a philosophical difference, and a legitimate one, where the Kochtopus is more Randian and sympathetic to foreign intervention, while the Rockwell crowd is more socially conservative and religious (paradoxically – since Rothbard was an atheist).

    Me? I’m glad Mises and Cato both exist.

  5. djstorm75 says:
    Nick Gillespie and Matt Welch go suck more Koch-Cock. (pronounced khaak-khaak)
  6. RepublicConstitution says:
    The only problem I have with CATO and Reason TV affiliated types is that they are closely connected with the Koch’s and they ALL tend to downplay to role of Dr. Ron Paul. There is a division within libertarianism with the CATO types being a bit more neo-con/pro-war and the Mises Institute/Lew Rockwell/Murray Rothbard group being staunchly anti-war and anti-monopoly.
  7. daPlumber702 says:
    @possumpistol The drug war wastes more money, takes more people out of the workplace -hence wasting more money- etc etc you’ve heard the arguments.. It IS without a doubt one of the top things that must be addressed for us to fix the budget and government growing beyond it’s means. It might even help the war angle seeing as how many wars today are fueled by an illegal drug trade. Were those drugs legal, the ones going to war with the money made from selling them would have to find other means.
  8. possumpistol says:
    if the ‘drug war’ was not a huge part of libertarianism during a time when other issues are so much larger TARP/spending/war/empirebuild/debt ceiling/big gov/etc, more folks would be willing to listen/moral issues would follow/think?/ I applaud that Libertarians understand & believe the laws in the US Constitution/ we are a republic, not a democracy/Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves F Nietzsche/SELF: responsibility+reliability+sufficiency=Self respect
  9. rumco says:
    @boredmonkey29 I avoid paying taxes as much as I can. Nor do I consume taxes purposely. Regional, non-English website(s) dedicated to Austrian School and market anarchism.
  10. boredmonkey29 says:
    @rumco “Pay less taxes” meaning you pay taxes. What websites?
  11. rumco says:
    @boredmonkey29 I pay less taxes, run anti-state and pro liberty websites, donate to similar causes, write articles, and spread the liberty through learning more about it. You?
  12. boredmonkey29 says:
    @rumco Aside from reading Rothbard and complaining about people who are actually doing something, what are you doing to actually end the State in the real world?
  13. JudgeNapolitanoFTW says:
  14. 666sigma says:
    So far, the DNC and Left Wing Media has been successful in convincing the morons in the Democratic Party that the Tea Party is a bunch of racists, right wing looney tunes and/or controlled by the Koch brothers. It should be obvious that they are not. As pointed out, they won’t sell out. They will vote for a loosing candidate rather than sell out to another Neocon.

    People should see that Obama’s policies are almost identical to Bush’s: wars, Patriot Act, uncontrolled spending.

  15. 666sigma says:
    About half way through, he hits the nail on the head. The Tea Party is largely made up of former Republicans who realize that their party does not represent their interests. I don’t see any material difference between Neocons and Democrats. Both are Pro Big Government. One cozies up to the MIC and Corporate Entitlement Class and the other to Wall Street, Lawyers and Unions.

    The movement will take off when Democrats wake up realize their party does not represent them, either.

  16. DynamicUnreality says:
    @cheneygottagun I’d have looked, too. And if his wife were to freak out about an innocent look at a nice ass, its time for a divorce anyhow.
  17. rumco says:
    All of this is not enough. Read Rothbard, end the State.
  18. mangoswiss says:
    @ND066 It’s a great accent. I’m from the UK so it’s very noticeable to me. Kentucky accent takes 2nd place though. First place goes to Minnesota Nice.
  19. MooseOfReason says:
    6:30 – “Paul crushed Giuliani like a grape.”

    Like a boss.

  20. Aryaba says:
    @fliegeroh Then you haven’t been paying attention.
  21. ND066 says:
    @mangoswiss Im from Kentucky and he sounds pretty much normal to me. So… maybe so. I must admit I didnt notice his accent until I read your comment.
  22. mangoswiss says:
    Love David Boaz’s accent. Is that a Kentucky accent?
  23. fliegeroh says:
    I remember reading a book in 1972 called “The Greening of America” where the author pulled together a lot of current events and current media and described it as a “revolution”. I think these guys are equally banal and are equally wrong.
  24. JohnTightlips says:
    California Uber Ales

    Perfect song considering Governor Jerry Brown resurrection.

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