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Recommendations for student loan consolidation?

I have some private (none Federal student loans) that I am looking to consolidate. My original lender was Sallie Mae, but their consolidation program is on hold citing the economy as the reason.

The only lender I can find still giving consolidation loans is Wells Fargo, but they require a co-signer, which I do not have.

Has anyone else recently consolidated some private (non-federal) loans? I have a good credit score, I just can’t find a lender that has not put their program on pause.

I am looking for reputable lenders, its so hard to tell what reviews out there are fake and which are real.
Pope, whoever you are do not bother replying with that link you keep posting. Nothing about that website looks reputable.

Please stop trying to take advantage of people.
Reading through a lot of similar questions I see that there are lots of scam artists out there trying to push their sketchy sites on people.

Please don’t be an asshole and only respond if you are an impartial party.


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  1. just not that says:
    Without a cosigner, you can’t get a loan consolidated. Wells Fargo is/was the only option for you.

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