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Regain your Freedom by opting for Bankruptcy Debt Relief

The term ‘Bankruptcy’ has evolved as a word of domestic vocabulary in past few years. Especially in times of recession the term ‘Bankruptcy’ has become a household word. Or putting it in another way, we can say that the global financial crisis has prompted a lot of people to declare themselves to be bankrupt. So, an increasing number of people filing for the bankruptcy has been a common site in the recent years.

It is however true that declaring yourself as Bankrupt can instantly free you of your financial woes but certainly not without complying you with some major financial restrictions. This is because, soon after filing for Bankruptcy, a person is no longer applicable to fetch any sort of loans from any banks or financial companies. Also since your bankruptcy is registered on the Credit Bureau report, credit cards and banks will block you from applying for further credit or loans as clearing can take some time.

So, this is where Bankruptcy Debt Relief can act as a viable solution to your debt problems. These Bankruptcy Relief programs can definitely put an end to your financial problems without letting you to suffer from the major financial implications of a bankruptcy declaration. There are primarily two types of bankruptcy debt relief solutions to provide you respite from your worst financial disaster. Chapter 7 and chapter 13 are two types of bankruptcy attorneys which relieve you of your worst nightmares. You can opt for either of the two, depending on your eligibility criteria and requirement. Well, Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney is meant for people who don’t have a regular mode of monthly income and have a miserable financial condition not even being able to repay the debt amount. However, during the repayment process, the debtor is somehow free to protect some of his asset or property from mortgage.

On the contrary, Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney is another type which is prepared for persons who have a regular and fixed monthly income and don’t want any kind of mortgage. The court allows such person to submit a debt repayment plan depending upon their income. A person qualifies to file for chapter 13 of bankruptcy only if he or she is having the unsecured debt amount of more than $ 250,000. So, in case you still have a lot of doubts / queries, you can seek assistance from proper bankruptcy counseling services in the form of financial professionals or bankruptcy attorneys. They can thoroughly assess your financial situation and offer you the best solution.

Michael E. Fleck is the owner of Startoverfresh, a Fleck Law Group which provides bankruptcy debt relief programs in Chicago. Stop your creditor phone calls with the help of Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney.


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