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Renovate and Remodel a Foreclosure Replacing the Floor Sill

Follow Rick as he Renovates a foreclosure that will be a rental property. Today he replaces the Floor Sill. see more at:


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5 Responses to "Renovate and Remodel a Foreclosure Replacing the Floor Sill"

  1. davidsquall351 says:
    So is the house still floating by the sliding glass?
  2. spiritartman says:
    You said you have the Red Star Chickens right This is a great site for Hens. mcmurray hatchery dot com I hear Red Star, Rhode Island Reds and Black Star are great layers and the Delawares, Barred Rock and White Rock great layers and poultry. Thoughts

  3. spiritartman says:
    I have friends in Missouri. Someone took over a restaurant and is looking for friends to put to work. I’ve not actually been to WV – planning on visiting shortly. Thing is no work there lined up aside from a live in barter / work the land scenario. May do the Winter in MO and go from there. At the moment all is fine here on Long Island but who really wants to be here. LOL. Keep up that good work!
  4. london1817 says:
    @spiritartman I have never been to Missouri..but ANY job is a good job these days…hahaha..what kind of job is it?…..I always heard West Virgina was a really nice place…..I would drive there and stay a weekend to kinda scope it out and see if its a safe place. be careful!
  5. spiritartman says:
    Great work!!! have you spent any time in Missouri? – Just got a job offer there. Was planning on WV so we’ll see. Have to weight it all out

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