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Rep. Peter King Urges Support of Speaker’s Debt Relief Plan

Rep. Peter King Urges His Colleagues To Support The Speaker’s Debt Relief Plan


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2 Responses to "Rep. Peter King Urges Support of Speaker’s Debt Relief Plan"

  1. sleporin says:
    I am in support of protecting hard working and responsible Americans. Some of us have worked very hard and saved responsibly and I am saddened that the President has diregarded those of us who have saved and not over- spended in this lifetime. We are now being called “recalcitrant Republicans” by MSNBC and I am very frustrated. I do believe in care-taking of our elders and our planet, but I am perfectly able to decide where to donate my hard-earned money.
  2. Aniconicx says:
    Thanks for posting this video.

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