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Reporters – Drought threatens French livestock farmers

Reporters – In the Charente region, as in most of France, farmers were scanning the skies this spring for rain that never came. This year, the water shortage was catastrophic and livestock farmers have been reduced to buying expensive feed for their cattle. Some are being forced to dispose of their livestock as fast as possible, and the worst-affected even risk bankruptcy. FRANCE 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS 24/7 REPORTERS International news report on the ground from the France 24 team and our seniors reporters.


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3 Responses to "Reporters – Drought threatens French livestock farmers"

  1. Kindertautenleider says:
    I cant help thinking that the non-rain factors in this issue are engineered failures, corruption related problems. Someone plans to make a monopoly of farming. Even if it isn’t planned mismanagement the end result is what will really matter.
  2. countesscristo says:
    global governance will mean all farms owned by monsanto and giant gm corporations
  3. bdchazthewilfman says:
    Est ce que c’est une région qui reçoit normalement de la précipitation? 

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