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Reporting an accountant to the authorities?

I live in the UK. I know of an accountant (who is a horrible person!) who fiddles peoples books and gets them out of taxes and falsely sends businesses into insolvency and gets paid cash from his clients to do so. I do not have proof but know for certain it goes on. Where can I report him anonymously?


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6 Responses to "Reporting an accountant to the authorities?"

  1. SwEEtie PiE says:
    Just call the FBI
  2. dtitus1304 says:
    How does this relate to marriage and divorce? Go away.
  3. sheloves_dablues says:
    This is the marriage and divorce section. Why are you posting here?
  4. Spindrift says:
    Write down all the info you know plus the info for the accountant and mail it in. Type it out and print it or hand print it.
  5. palin.pimpin says:
    If he’s married, have sex with the DOLT then report him to MI6. You can then ask the question in both marriage and divorce + law enforcement.
  6. Dave J says:
    You can report if you wish and someone may try to take it further but the needed thing is the proof, sorry


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