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Responsibilities Of A Bankruptcy Attorney In Taunton, MA

For those who are in debt the term bankruptcy is not new. People who are struggling to pay their bills, those individuals who are carrying a lot of debt and are having difficulty making ends meet, should consider contacting a bankruptcy attorney to discuss bankruptcy options. Bankruptcy allows an individual, one or both individuals in a marriage, or a business to eliminate or restructure debt in order to give the person or business a chance to begin anew with a clean slate. Taunton, MA has some of the best law firms with many qualified lawyers who can assist you in determining if bankruptcy is right for you.

The primary reason for hiring a personal bankruptcy attorney is to receive guidance on eliminating or restructuring your debt while protecting your assets. A bankruptcy attorney will guide you through the bankruptcy process while monitoring your case from beginning to end. An attorney will make sure that you complete and file the correct forms, notify your creditors of your intentions, supply the court with all and any documentation required in a timely fashion, accompany you to all hearings and monitor your case, making sure you receive a discharge in a timely fashion.


The United States Bankruptcy Code specifies six different types / chapters of bankruptcy. However, most individuals, couples or companies who file bankruptcies will file under one of the following Chapters:

1. Chapter 7 which is also referred to as a liquidation, eliminates all debt

2. Chapter 11 which is primarily used to restructure a business

3. Chapter 13 which allows an individual to restructure debt, paying back a portion of what is owed over a period of 3 to 5 years.

A bankruptcy attorney will advise you as to which type of bankruptcy will be best for you and your particular situation. That attorney will also assist you in keeping as many of your assets as possible. A good attorney will be able to advise you on how to keep your home, your vehicles, other personal property and all or your retirement investments.

A good bankruptcy attorney will be very adept at interpreting bankruptcy law. Therefore the attorney will be able to assist you in any pre-bankruptcy planning your individual circumstance may require, thus allowing you to shelter as may assists as possible within the legal limits of the bankruptcy law. The attorney will be knowledgeable about the pitfalls of certain actions and guide you in the right direction. That is why it is wise to hire a bankruptcy attorney rather than attempting to hand the matter on your own. Taunton, MA based attorneys are certified and provide excellent guidance to you.

Bankruptcy attorney Brockton, MA – The Law Offices of Sweet & Rose assist individuals throughout Stoughton, Brockton, Randolph & Taunton, MA with recovering maximum compensation for their physical, emotional and financial losses.


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