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Rights For Nortel Disabled Employees Group Fighting For Protection of Disability Insurance

Canada is not enforcing its laws for the trust accounts specifically created to secure and protect the lives of its long term disabled employees. Denying lawsuits against trust governance committees and third party trustees not enforcing common law on breach of fiduciary duties Not enforcing protections for Trust Accounts in CCAA and BIA, where there are MISAPPROPRIATIONS for trust accounts while the debtor is acting is acting in a fiduciary capacity. Not enforcing trust statutes Reading new terms into Health and Welfare Trust Agreements to enable a settlement for the claims of Pensioners’ TERM Life Insurance Premiums that are in respect of a yearly premium for Group Term Life Insurance and due in the FUTURE, in addition to being an OBLIGATION OF NORTEL and not the NORTEL HEALTH AND WELFARE TRUST ASSETS FOR INCOME AND FUNDED PLANS.


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