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RIP Nortel

Nortel Networks is a Canadian Blue Chip Company, the largest supplier of telecommunications equipment in the world and operates globally. On January 14th 2009 they voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in the United States Courts, CCAA in Canada and as a result entered Administration in the UK. The appointed Administrators were Ernst & Young (E&Y) who are now effectively running Nortel Networks UK Limited (In Administration). We will refer to this set up as The Company It is a fact that, The Company has knowingly, on 2 separate occasions, broken UK employment law by denying nearly 400 UK employees the right to the required 90 days consultation, contracted notice period (or money in lieu thereof) and severance payments. The first action was Monday 30th March and the second the Tuesday 30th June. They gave no notice of these actions and in both instances have acted in an inhumane manner, displaying a complete lack of respect, integrity and ethics towards their workforce. All in contradiction to their published ethos. The first redundancy was actioned in three simultaneous meetings at Maidenhead, Harlow and Monkstown (NI). Staff were given just 3 hours notice of termination of their contracts. The E&Y representative in Maidenhead when questioned openly acknowledged that the Company had broken UK Employment law. She stated that there would be no compensation paid by the company, instead all employees were handed copies of documentation from The Insolvency


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  1. nukesvids says:
    My Dad worked at Nortel but it got sold to Avaya

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