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Riverside Bankruptcy Attorney | Riverside Bankruptcy

10 questions you need answered in order to protect yourself when you file for bankruptcy in Oakland.

Can’t sleep at night? Avoiding answering the phone? Do 800 numbers scare you? Do you dread going to your mail box — because there’s never any good news there. All that you find there are bills, collections notices and threatening letters? If you’re struggling with the burden of debt and your considering bankruptcy in Oakland, CA. Here are 5 things you need to know.

First of all, you need to be assured that you are not alone. Times are tough in Oakland… People from all walks of life have been hurt by the economy. The law was put in place to help people get a new lease on life. It is legal and ethical. But you need to be careful. Here are some tips and some myths exposed that can help you with your decisions.

3 Questions to ask yourself

1) Are you just trying to get out of your commitments?
2) Have outside influences truly thwarted your attempts to make good on your financial obligations
3) Are you ready to start over and to avoid some of your mistakes from the past

5 Questions you need to ask your attorney
1) Is this the main area of practice? What percentage of your practice involves personal bankrupty work? (If it’s less than 50%, go the next one on the list)

2) After reviewing your situation, ask the attorney point blank: Is bankruptcy a good option for me? (Make sure your Oakland Bankruptcy attorney explains the different options from Chapter 7 to Chapter 13) Understand the risks and consequences of each. Your attorney should have a written document for you to review so you can make a studied and informed decision.


3) What is the best way to communicate? Most Oakland Bankruptcy attorneys use email in order to have a record of correspondence. But if you don’t email… you need an attorney who will pick up the phone. How much access will you have to the attorney? And will you be working directly with the attorney or a paralegal? You want to choose an attorney with personal touch and interaction on your case. Also, fear sets in when you can’t reach your attorney. Be very clear on how and when you will get updates from your chosen attorney.

4) What are the ramifications of filing for bankruptcy in Oakland? How will this affect your financial situation currently? How will it affect your future? How will it affect your credit? Make sure to get straight answers… not a sales pitch. For example, a Chapter 7 may discharge most or all of your debt, and stop collection activity. A Chapter 13 may allow you to catch up mortgage payments, or restructure other debt. If your Oakland Bankruptcy attorney tells you some hard things. Be grateful they are telling you the truth. But ask for assurances that they will help you personally through the rough waters. If they seem distracted or not fully engaged in the process… go to the next attorney. You do have options.

5) How do you pay for Bankruptcy in Oakland? There are a multitude of payment options. They can charge hourly, or a flat rate. If you choose flat rate, make sure you are clear on exactly what you get for the flat fee.

6) Will the attorney accompany you to court. Typically there is only one visit to the courthouse, called a hearing. Make sure that the attorney themselves will be at your side. You are paying good money for this process… sometimes the last dime you have. Make sure you choose and attorney who values your sacrifice and is committed with his or her time and attention. The should be at the hearing with you.

7) Be clear on the Fees. Ask exactly how much the fees are and what they include. The cheapest price is not always the best. You are paying an attorney to help restructure your financial future and to help relieve the stress you are currently in. This is not the time to go cheap. You want thorough and professional guidance. This is your biggest investment in your future.

Once you are comfortable with these answers, then make your decision. You may want to interview a couple of attorneys before you commit.

Good luck in your financial future. If you want more complete information on how to prepare for bankruptcy, visit our site at Or call us at 559.321.8671. We’re local and we can care.

You’ll be able to register for a FREE report that exposes 15 myths about bankruptcy. Plus, you’ll discover more details about how to choose the very best bankruptcy attorney in Oakland. There are many Oakland Bankruptcy Attorneys. Discover how to avoid getting ripped off when you are most vulnerable. Get our FREE Report.


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