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Ron Paul on AntiWar Radio – http – 06/18/2010 Ron Paul discusses the hope for a new political realignment around the issues of peace, the Bill of Rights and ending corporate welfare, his support for the “War is Making You Poor” Act, how government insolvency can lessen restrictions on individual liberty and why the US only needs a small defensive military supplemented by volunteer militias. –Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, and a return to sound monetary policies. For more information visit the following sites: http http


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25 Responses to "Ron Paul on AntiWar Radio"

  1. vechorik says:
    Those who insist on military might are neo-cons.
    Those who think neutrality in foreign affairs is ill-advised are neo-cons.
    Many news media outlets have a neo-con agenda.
    Are you a neo-con?
    Ron Paul says neo-cons are NOT CONSERVATIVES!
    Definition and names of neo-cons: /watch?v=nuefjIYKkjE
    More on the history of neo-conservatism vs libertarianism /watch?v=45JSYIuTk0Y
  2. MishuTaste says:
    @Cstrife234 I don’t want to have an income tax…but I’m out-numbered by MILLIONS of people who love taxes! There’s even rich people who love their 39% income tax. How can I win?
  3. Cstrife234 says:
    @MishuTaste Are you paying income tax to fund wars and military bases abroad? Are you allowing yourself to be under the teet of Uncle Sam? Then yes, you are.
  4. briteness says:
    Ron Paul is right about the left. They have traditionally been the place to find the strongest anti-war voices. But the left’s opposition to this country’s wars was shaky during the Bush administration and now appears to have almost totally collapsed under Obama. Which leaves the libertarian types as main voices of protest left standing. We don’t have the money for this. We have got to get out of these ‘anti-terrorist’ wars today, and stop sending money to Israel.
  5. dontblockmedk says:
    @M If you had any idea how many great things governments and corporations are hiding from the public, you would not be making such erroneous arguments for ownership.

    Trade is NOT a benefit and actually hinders progress.

    True freedom and prosperity is ONLY possible when ALL knowledge and technology and what they produce is available to ALL. ABUNDANCE of consumables (eg food, water, energy) and universal ACCESS to everything else (eg transport, info, etc.)


  6. MishuTaste says:
    @Cstrife234 I must be a slave!
  7. Syphalis1 says:
    @MishuTaste Agreed
  8. MishuTaste says:
    @dontblockmedk I disagree. Without private property rights, you’re going to see an increase in poverty among nations. Look at the history of the United States. Many people have risen up from poverty by trading labor for money & acquiring private property. Talented people who are able to gain wealth & resources are creating jobs for people who are needy. People that choose not to be productive or choose to work just enough to “get by” are perpetuating poverty.
  9. mbhopp says:
    Shut ur piehole…stupid LSD….huh huh trippie man huh
  10. W33Dblazer says:
    @mattamiller lol. you tool
  11. mattamiller says:
    @W33Dblazer haha says the guy with w33dblazer as his name. You don’t know shit about Ron Paul or American politics. Just keep on being americas hat.
  12. W33Dblazer says:
    @mattamiller shut ur ass up you fucking clown go make some use of ur life
  13. mattamiller says:
    @W33Dblazer You’re a dumb fuck to say the least.
  14. dontblockmedk says:
    The only way we will survive is to realize that money/property systems are the ROOT cause of all the problems.

    And that politicians, clergy, and economist have NO ANSWERS.

    We need to EVOLVE as a species, meaning putting human beings and the environment ABOVE money, property, status.

    Open your eyes, humans can have everything we have now plus much more, using the scientific method to turn resourses into what we need DIRECTLY.


  15. Tezlaze says:
    @heavensthorn it’s all one now is Ron Paul anti-Illumunati?
  16. Syphalis1 says:
    @heavensthorn The connection is LSD. Take that, then you will see how it all comes together!
  17. heavensthorn says:
    I have a question for anyone in the know. What in your oppinion are the connections between illuminati and the church of scientology and symbolysm in the music industry? How is this all conected to the bp oil spill false flag and the new carbon tax and the new world order?
  18. rtljmc says:
    @ghosttwo2 na if people want him to he will it says it on his wiki page. his wife said ron could not resist running if the people wanted him!
  19. rtljmc says:
    @W33Dblazer ye i dont think he is a deciever but people will rebel and ron paul is the face of the revolution . he doesnt believe in war or fighting to he still thinks voting is not rigged . he will have enough people to rebel if he knows he should have won in 2012
  20. edewit08 says:
    Thank you for positive sharing.
    Ron Paul is the best icon of freedom I know.
    He is not perfect candinate but best known worldwide.
    We need to act now as Ron Paul is dooing. Keep momentum going!
    The old fashioned banking & world oligarcy is collapsing in its own byrocracy and taxes..
    Love and light of wisdom to us all.
  21. lustfordeath says:
    Participate in the latest poll on and vote “Yes” in answering the question, “Should Ron Paul Run For President in 2012?”. They want to reach 25,000 Votes so go and vote Yes!! Ron Paul Revolution 2012!!
  22. al2i says:
    @W33Dblazer I agree that it is getting too late for simple politics. What action? Some kind of mass civil disobedience protest or something? Do enough Americans believe in liberty anymore?
  23. funnyguise says:
    @W33Dblazer the only way I think he might be a deceiver is that he knows more than he’s telling us and can’t tell because then he’d be written off as conspiracy nut.
  24. TwistedSister19 says:
    @W33Dblazer BTW I did give you a THUMBS UP!!
  25. TwistedSister19 says:
    @W33Dblazer I like Ron Paul, However, You are absolutely right, Fuck waiting till 2012, we need to take action NOW!!

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