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Roy Cole – Ogden Bankruptcy Lawyer

Ogden Bankruptcy Attorney orcall us at (801) 334-9537 for more information about filing bankruptcy in Ogden, UT In this video, you meet Ogden bankruptcy attorney, Roy D. Cole, who specializes in Chapter 7 bankruptcy as well as Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Roy D Cole Attorney at Law 2564 Washington Boulevard Suite 101 Ogden UT 84401 (801) 334-9537 http For more bankruptcy help, be sure to visit If you are having debt problems and you’re being harassed by your creditors, filing for bankruptcy may be the answer. Call us today for a free bankruptcy consultation. Our expertise comes from studying the letter of the law, of course, but also from real-world experience in bankruptcy cases. We know how the courts and the criminal justice system operate, and we know how to function within those worlds to make sure your interests and rights are protected. When you’re facing a legal challenge, let us show you the difference our commitment to you can make.


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