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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Russian runaway banker steals billions, lands on UK’s rich list

Russian runaway banker steals billions, lands on UK’s rich list

The case of former Russian senator Sergey Pugachev, whose bank owes the state more than $1 billion, has grown into one of the biggest financial scandals in Russian history, exposing drastic drawbacks in the country’s banking regulations. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:

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25 Responses to "Russian runaway banker steals billions, lands on UK’s rich list"

  1. shashankgogoi says:
    I think if the British Royal family shot dead it will stop their agents for the time being. Later one at a time we can go on shooting 1 banker at a time. The power order and owners of the Earth need to be depopulated.
  2. dffykvn says:
    Kidnap him, put him against a wall and shoot him.

    So where are the Ron Paul tards to defend this guys enlightened self interest and how deregulation is necessary to keep the government from stopping this?

    Come on Paultards and Kochsuckers, I know you’re out there!

  3. momozay243 says:
    Why do these people keep exersizing there lawfullness? In this day and age?
  4. Thenebres says:
    @istoledthisaccount he is ortodox christian.
  5. UNITFMXJK says:
    Ебать Америке! Любой, кто не согласен должны посетить меня и слова. Я чертовски коммунистом!
  6. mswiliauni says:
    @eulex10 true
  7. EphitosTheLichKing says:
    Send the KGB.
  8. BurningEffect says:
    @CJBombaYe but Russians are overall richer
  9. techking00107 says:
    how is he still alive?
  10. istoledthisaccount says:
    @whiitedog so what you cant BLAME or ARREST someone JUST BECAUSE HES A JEW

    see this is why JEWS are and were TARGETED!
    they screw everyone and then point a finger “you are anti-semites”
    well your people stole trillions of dollars!

  11. istoledthisaccount says:
  12. eulex10 says:
    In Yugoslavia we had two such cases ,or if you will two rats :gazda Jezda and Dafina
  13. eulex10 says:
    RT has the hottest anchors
  14. 2legs2armsetc says:
    Hopefully he likes tea with a spoonful of polonium.
  15. vadikvadik2 says:
    Why Britain did not extradite all of them ?
  16. CJBombaYe says:
    the saudis have the most expensive mansions in London
  17. alexthehistorian says:
  18. baihbalm says:
    why the fuck do these assholes get bailed out? Russian government is as dumb as the American one.
  19. m00se321 says:
    Gees Thieves, go to JAIL,for Stealing Items worth a Couple of Dollars,,and this Guy Steal’s over a (BILLION),,and gets a slap on the Hand.
  20. whiitedog says:
    Shame on RT for exposing this man!!

    You guys are anti-Semites!!!

  21. slavixtube says:
    Whatever, you think too much of yourself, what’s to argue with a stock-up ignoramus like you. Medication is unlikely to help you.
  22. slavixtube says:
    >>what is it about Putin’s fan club? Are you all longing for Stalin times?
    Putin is not Stalin, confusing the two is lunacy. Maybe it is you who is not ‘very clever’?
  23. slavixtube says:
    >>FULLY financed by Kremlin
    No, RT is financed by Russian government, not ‘Kremlin’.
    >>if you seriously believe Putin’s income tax report which says he owns a Soviet-era run-down car and an apartment in Saint-Petersburg, I am truly sorry for you.
    That is your problem. Unless you have proof otherwise you are making shit up.
  24. TheENTERRAPTURE17 says:
    IRAN THREATENS ISRAEL Of ANNIHILATION TODAY!! Bible Prophecy!!VISION Of The ATTACK Of ISRAEL That Is Coming! Osama Bin Laden Dead May 1,2011/Hitler Dead April 30,1945 66 Years Apart!Another 6 is coming this year.Microchip-666 in hands and foreheads.Hell is real!Middle East and Israel conflict,WWIII?-Bible Prophecy!TO NON BELIEVERS REPENT SAVE YOUR SOULS.JESUS IS COMING!Get raptured not suffer the great tribulation.LISTEN TO PAUL BEGLEY IN YOUTUBE.
  25. 2011rcm says:
    I am sure the City of London Corporation will protect him from extradition. Moscow will not let this pass, Pugachev is a dead man walking.

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