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Sakura play by Harp Students of Moffett Elemetary School

A Musical gift from the Children of Moffett Elementary School in Lennox, California to the children of disaster stricken Japan. These children pray for hope and quick recovery. Performed by students at Moffett Elementary School Lennox, California Harps in Our Public Schools Program sponsored by Young Musicians Foundation @ 2011 All rights reserved Young Musicians Foundation Beverly Hills, California


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4 Responses to "Sakura play by Harp Students of Moffett Elemetary School"

  1. stinkytofufu says:
    good job! beautiful and touching
  2. heidiatkinson says:
    What a wonderful musical gesture to encourage the Japanese! Well done to the chidren and their teacher – Thank you for sharing
  3. milagrolmu says:
    Wow….this was a beautiful performance!! I am so proud of everyone. Thank you for promoting social awareness and solidarity.
  4. harpcenter says:
    All of the harp players did a fantastic job playing my arrangement.  I’m very proud of all of you! – Sylvia Woods

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