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Sal & Richard on CNN

Sal Governale & Richard Christie from Howard Stern prank – making out on CNN during Lehman Brothers Bankruptcy report.


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25 Responses to "Sal & Richard on CNN"

  1. Jedizen07 says:
  2. bluevlocity407 says:
  3. knoxklay11 says:
    they need yucko the clown to be videobombing CNN
  4. jhatt25 says:
    im pretty sure i just shit my dick in half laughing!!!!!
  5. sssdfrfwrgr says:
    WHO THE FUCK CAN LISTEN TO THIS BORING SHIT? Seriously. lol at sal & richard though.
  6. BabyayMarnieaa288 says:
  7. jimivaughan420 says:
    LOL, jesus….
  8. 1978mtb says:
    @bonchbonch who cares how many more days one is on the radio then the other. I find stern show to have more entertaining bits then opie and anthonys. Those guys are just trying to do now what stern did back in the 80′s and 90′s and it’s already been done.
  9. bonchbonch says:
    @1978mtb Opie & Anthony have been funnier than Stern for years. Stern doesn’t even do live radio five days a week.
  10. c0nlin says:
    Soooooo FUNNY - I’m laughing my ass off!!!
  11. STFUxxxxx says:
    I love Richard n Sal. I would LOVE to hang out with them for a day prank calling people.
  12. 86damageinc says:
  13. doughboycod2 says:
    lol 50 years from now when they do a movie about Lehman Brothers, I wonder if they will include Sal and Richard making out.
  14. buyerofsorts says:
    Fucking Richard didn’t even break character! A true professional! Sal & Richard are the best thing on the Stern show. Fuck Stern, they need to have their own show and watch Sterns show go down the tubes!!!
  15. 496velle says:
  16. jiner666 says:
    i got A FEeling camera or no camera they were gonna do that.
  17. himynameisbobfromaz says:
    LOL funniest shit ive ever seen!
  18. JAVAGOIL says:
    AHHAHAHAHAH! Encore!
  19. AZURESaunder7604 says:
    Shy Love pussy licked – VIDEOPORNTEEN[.]COM
  20. 1978mtb says:
  21. YYZED64 says:
    :41 Hott ! with 2 big T’s….
  22. gertar4053 says:
  23. justinaurelius says:
    So you know how lousy the quality is.
  24. MsWhyte says:
    Um…I watched it.
  25. justinaurelius says:
    you videotaped your TV screen? How about splurge ten bucks on a USB video capture device off ebay. The quality is unwatchable not to mention the CAMERA SHAKE.

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