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Sarah Palin & The Road to Insolvency July 9, 2010 Sarah Palin gives some straight talk in her latest interview saying the United States is on the road to insolvency. We are facing a ticking debt bomb and she shoots down the idea of a transaction tax to generate revenue. The Obama tax plan and uncertainty is stopping job creation. We need to stop with the Keynes approach that doesn’t work and start cutting spending and cutting taxes. Good interview and very timely! Follow me on Twitter


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  3. Why does the Obama Party seem to brag about paying less Taxes & going deeper in debt, do they like insolvency? At the rate Obama is spending we will soon be paying a Trillion Dollars a year in interest on the...

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15 Responses to "Sarah Palin & The Road to Insolvency"

  1. powerofone321 says:
    @gsuitter Sarah Palin sure does talk a lot about the deficit “bringing America to her knees.” Interesting phrasing for a woman known as a teabagger.
  2. moenawazCOM says:
    Great comments worth noting for most businesses. You should seek professional advice from a insolvency auditor before paying anything. Moe Nawaz
  3. dreamz771 says:
    @gsuitter naw, tax on business needs to be eliminated first
  4. MrBramfox says:
    @Piettube . Yep I suppose the Spanish will just fold like they did when the Muslim extremist bombed their trains. Maricones todos!
  5. MrBramfox says:
    @Piettube . It’s truly amazing. Thanks for your insight. I concur. I hear that they’ve sold 10 gold certificates per 1 gold unit
  6. MrBramfox says:
    @Piettube  . ok maybe it’s me that’s retard. In an case good luck with the market. Glad I didn’t buy and hold since 1999 or I’d be dead even.
  7. MrBramfox says:
    @Piettube Sorry I don’t have time to explain in further detail, but just Google “unfunded liabilities” USA if you want the list of the amounts per specific obligation. The point is that it’s money that we as a country are obligated to pay, but don’t have, so it’s essentially the same as debt. Therefore the 14 trillion number is very misleading. It’s more like 75 trillion
  8. MrBramfox says:
    @Piettube . Hello. Total obligations means everything that you must pay. For example, the government collected social security from me, so I’m entitled to that. That’s why they call it an entitlement. It’s an obligation. But they spent that money on other stuff, creating a hole that they have to fill. The “debt” is 14 trillion. The other 61 trillion is made up of various “unfunded liabilities” like social security and medicare and various other obligations.  Further research on Web.
  9. MrBramfox says:
    @Piettube Total obligations of the U.S. Government (ignoring the fact that 46 states are bankrupt) is 75,000,000,000,000. That’s $1,000,000 for the average, unemployed household family of four. The interest on that is about $100,000 in after-tax dollars. GAME OVER. Piettube: You’re retarded baby!
  10. MrBramfox says:
    @cpgone EXACTLY! Let’s stay focused on the core issue. Ron Paul is NOT bought and sold!  RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT 2012!
  11. cpgone says:
    @MrBramfox Rather her than obammy.
    Who gives a sh*t what some hollywood liberal thinks of Palin.?
    RON PAUL is the only real choice.
  12. haveabeer123 says:
    @MrBramfox  Lol! Matt Damon on Sarah Palin becoming president: “like a really bad Disney Movie” lol!!
  13. TheNewWaveSlave says:
    @gsuitter You are absolutely correct!
  14. gsuitter says:
    The tax cut we need is the elimination of taxes on labor and the IRS.
  15. MrBramfox says:
    Just because the country is bankrupt and she noticed, it doesn’t make her any less retarded. Check out Matt Damon’s thoughts on Ms. Palin: v=anxkrm9uEJk

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