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Saving California ~ Selling California

A Parody of suggestions on what to do to solve California’s financial insolvency crisis. It’s a crisis, but our suggestions are really only a joke. Human Trafficking, NAFTA, selling Lake Tahoe, Compton, and certain parts of LA to Mexico, Firing the legislature and governor. Relax! It’s just another spoof from Railbird Pictures

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25 Responses to "Saving California ~ Selling California"

  1. turntapzap says:
    Let Mexican nationals run the state.
  2. zeragito says:
    @RailbirdPictures I think the user you’re responding to was being sarcastic, too bad you don’t have the IQ to comprehend. Hatred coupled with stupidity, why that sounds just like a redneck racist…like you.
  3. mizzoulibertarian says:
    I know what to do! start boycotting other states! particularly border states. and make sure you piss of the rest of the country.
  4. theroilsoil says:
    Fire 50% of public service officials (cops and firemen that means you too), bring back manufacturing and technology jobs, provide employee proctection across all sectors, do not hire people who are not legal citizens and punixh those businesses who attempt to do so . . . that’s just for starters. :)
  5. KenW66 says:
    All great ideas. Especially firing the Gov. and the Legislature and putting them to work on the farm. A good days work might be good for them.
  6. gabbahey66 says:
    watch people play pool be a railbird
  7. funkskull says:
    kowye-cute in japanese, thats you. leagalize and tax, yes, thats it.
  8. whattheRR says:
    Ok now i’m stalking you from far away – OK – new york lol
  9. superbugspray says:
    scarybug loves this video. you are a good bug. thanks for making me and my eight legs go wild laughing.
  10. RailbirdPictures says:
    I would [that is how you spell it] not end gay marriage. One, it is a vote against love, and that is stupid. Two, less marriage fees, less money for California.

    Too bad you hate. Such a shame. And, you can’t spell worth a shit either. Figures that hatred would be coupled with stupidity.

    ~ Fer

  11. Cmdelorenzo27 says:
    I wound end Gay Marriage!!! .Oh ….wait… we already did that… hmm… didnt work
  12. blinko656 says:
    I do like your video it is good. We have a slow and gradual feminazation (sp) of our men. Think about it. Where we gonna be in 2o years.. Half the men will be gay.

    PS. Ilove women and happily married..

  13. RailbirdPictures says:
    For all of the legitimate beefs you could have had with this video, you chose a completely bizarre and mean-spirited one. As for “Zach’s” personal life, obviously, it is not really any of your business is it?

    That being said, thanks for watching.

    ~ Fer

  14. blinko656 says:
    Zack needs to get rid of the earring. He looks very GAY. Hope he does not have kids that he wears that around.
  15. DerangedElk says:
    do you have a FUCKING life
  16. humboldthammer says:
    Can’t solve it for another few years. Then California and Mexico will be desperately broke. So, then we annex Mexico, make all their natural resources the property of the NEW-California – State-ification. Also legalize, control and tax all currently illicit drugs — this will also end the drug-lord wars.
    Then we need to get the Middle East hooked, and then . . .
  17. brandonmacshawn says:
    Lmao this is funny
  18. ZenithArkProject says:
    This is easy. Hire illegals to grow pot, tax them 50%, sell the pot to citizens in Nevada where good pot is hard to find and who are building homes for illegals then make the illegals move to Nevada until they can speak proper English. Oh….something like that. I haven’t worked out the details. Someone else help me on this.
  19. rodeney123 says:
    The Gov. has already addressed the issue of legalized mary jane with negative comments noted from the public and state legislators. The issue was removed from the table of discussion but not dismissed pending more input..
  20. carlguage says:
    Hey Fer!! While your Asking the Gov to Donate future Movie Revenue see if his wife will revive her Roll as the Host of Tales from the Crypt On HBO…..and donate That Revenue!!!LOL!!!!!!
  21. saulgone says:
    Some really solid ideas there, Fer..perhaps the Cali administration could sign an exclusive deal with the Kali cartel and EXPORT TO THE WORLD (lotsa noses out there).
  22. mnmkidd says:
    I’d like the idea we fire the Govenour and the legislators, since they’re the ones causing most, if not all, of the problems in California. If revenues are down, then spending has to match. Raising taxes and fees is not an option anymore. California has one of the highest tax rates in the nation. Not to mention all the fees to do anything.
  23. firebird1218 says:
    Lmao….I know a lot of people would rather do the human trafficking

    I live in Cali and i believe growing hemp would bring in a lot of money….but not only to California.

  24. RailbirdPictures says:
    Thirteen. That is how many comments it took to get one about the hardened criminals joke. Yeah, admittedly, I may have used a classic. I thought it was a crack up. Thanks for watching and noticing! ~ Fer
  25. ColevanFilms says:
    Lmao! I love the classic “hardened criminals” joke, and I love your enthusiasm for human trafficking.  Great video.

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