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Saxophon orchester Dobbri – Let me tell you an adventure 1928

Here is a record produced for the swedish market. Behind the anonymous name Parlophon orkestern at the label, there is hiding a german giant. Otto Dobbrint (1886-1963) and his Saxophon-Orchester Dobbri. Dobrint was together with with Dajos Bela one of the many german bandleaders wich was used at recordings by swedish artists, at for example the companies at Carl Lindström AG (Do you know that Carl Lindström actually was swedish). This litlle nice foxtrot was used by Ernst Rolf and was recorded instrumentally in Nov 16th of 1928 in Berlin. I don’t know if it also was used for the german marked, and the composer is unknown for me, he might be swedish, but I don’t know. Well, since I started let’s tell you about Carl Lindström (1867-1932). You can see his name at the bottom of this label. Here’s a short story. He was born in Södertälje close to Stockholm and was inventor, he moved to Berlin in 1898 and founded his company, from the begining doing talking machines of different kinds. 1904 he was in financial insolvency and had to sell his company. But his name was used and he remaind working at the company. That’s also way the Linström labels, like for example Parlophon and Odeon started to work early in small and (at that time) poor Sweden . updated ;;; I found out that the music is written in Denmark, the original name is ; Pige, fortæl mig et æventyr

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2 Responses to "Saxophon orchester Dobbri – Let me tell you an adventure 1928"

  1. Adrian1984DK says:
    Pige, Fortæl mig et æææææventyyr,
  2. roybo1930 says:
    OH!!! THIS IS TRULY AWSOME!!! What A Fantistic And Beautiful Record! Thank You For Posting.

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