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Secession or Constitutional Convention ?

Secession is not permitted under the current US Constitution. Therefore, President Obama is bound, as was Civil War President Abraham Lincoln, to protect and defend all the express provisions of the US Constitution which includes putting down any State secession action. This does not mean, however, that a peaceful state secession may not be achieved. A change in the constitution that would permit state secession through Article V in the form of a constitutional amendment or calling a constitutional convention is path to peacefully dissolving the Union. The Congressional then State amendment process is well known by most Americans but few realize that it takes only 2/3rds of the States to call a constitutional convention thereby bypassing Congress and the President in amending or changing the US Constitution. Once assembled the convention delegates on a vote on a one state one vote basis may pass anything they can agree on with nothing to stop them from dissolving the current constitution as the delegates did expressly against the federal government’s authority in the 1787 Philadelphia convention. The 21st Century Constitutional Convention measures would be presented directly to the State legislatures. Only 38 would be required to ratify all or part of the measures passed by the Constitutional Convention delegates. Therefore, the calling of a constitutional convention is State legal step to bypass Congress, the President and the Supreme Court to enact provisions for States


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25 Responses to "Secession or Constitutional Convention ?"

  1. Thunkful2 says:

    How do u know that the govt is just me?
    How is money going out of my pocket into others = me paying just me?
    Am I Acorn?
    Well, yes, u can separate inefficiency as a separate topic.
    But I think, for example, that with welfare, the majority of the money goes to overhead & beaurocrat salaries, not the people in need.

    Samuel warned the people who wanted a King (Saul) that the king would take ten percent of their $. We shud be so lucky.

    There must be some limit on what the govt can take.

  2. XFuncCaRteR says:

    First off, though I lived in the US and have American relatives, I’m not American.

    Second, the government is just you. It’s just the administrative body of your country. In otherwords, you aren’t paying some mysterious X-Files organization. You’re paying your own society.

    There may be inefficiency in government, but if so, then address that. But that’s a separate issue.

  3. XFuncCaRteR says:

    Dude, there is no “they”. Replace “they” with “we”, because that’s the reality.

    It’s your country. Pay your bills.

  4. Thunkful2 says:

    Yes, time marches on. It is appointed to man once to die, but after that the judgment. Graves come in all sizes for all ages. Soon we shall all be history. Nations & empires rise & fall. But Jesus Christ is the same; yesterday, today, & forever.

  5. Thunkful2 says:

    If you want to pay the debt & more taxes, have at it! Who is stopping you? If we are working over half the work year to give money to the govt, have we not become slaves? The govt receives X dollars; it must not spend more than X dollars — it is that simple. I have worked for the govt — waste is the name of the game. All u who want to be slaves of the govt, go & live in China or Cuba. Leave out those of us who want freedom.

  6. 1978atcarroll says:
    @Thunkful2 you are still here, for a little while. time marches on…
  7. Thunkful2 says:
    @1978 Wet-Behind-the-Ears?

    We are yet around, THE UNNAMED GENERATION, born during WW II, born after “the Silent Generation” and before “the Baby Boomers”! We have to take control, we who were raised when the Bible was read by law every day in public school, we who experienced the change in the Pledge of Allegiance to include “under God.”

    As raised by baby-boomers (who went after secular humanism & into baby-murder & the glorification of sodomy) & brain-washed, u are not qualified!

  8. Thunkful2 says:

    Oops? Since when does secession = confederation?
    So kindly educated me: what is the proof that secession is not permitted under the Constitution?

    9th Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    The amendments also trump anything to the contrary in the original constitution. Who is to say that the people don’t retain the right to vote to secede?

  9. AmericanNohbuddy says:
    Article I, section 10 of the U.S. Constitution:
    “No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or CONFEDERATION”


  10. 1978atcarroll says:
    To the Baby Boomers: It is time to pass the torch. You have almost destroyed the Republic handed down to you by our grandparents. Go sit upon the sidelines and let us set about the task of repairing all that You have befouled. If you do not go quietly into the night, We will expedite your exit. Sincerely, Generation X.
  11. Thunkful2 says:
    Did the US Constitution deliberately remove the expression “perpetual” from the Articles of Confederation?
  12. Thunkful2 says:
    What is the grounds of faith that enlarging the number of representatives would cure our problems? It might be worth a try.
  13. Thunkful2 says:
    The expression “only 38″ is misleading. 38 = over 3/4, quite a large number, hardly low in significance.
  14. Thunkful2 says:
    When you get to such grand legalities as secession & revolution, you are no longer in the realm of attorneys in court rooms debating words, clauses, & rights. You are in the realm of the gun barrel. If there is a secession, it is not likely to come by passing motions in legal procedings, but by the battlefield.

    The state-called constitutional convention wud be an exception to the above possibly, but who know what would come out of that.

  15. Thunkful2 says:
    Well, what is the proof that secession is not permitted under the Constitution?

    9th Amendment: “The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

    # 9 is a huge barn door rendering any law whatsoever potentially unconstitutional & giving the Supreme Court huge power. So kindly educate me: what is the proof of the assertion?

  16. MaitreTsu says:
    Only Parts of Lousiana is going to sucede ” the south eastern part ” but who ever wants to join us do come, you just have to learn our language
  17. FlashVirus says:
    This video a) doesn’t prove the validity of the social contract b) doesn’t say why Natural Law is inferior to the US Constitution.
  18. FlashVirus says:
    And in 1776 the rest of the world agreed with slavery. Does that make it right? Majority rules is democracy BS.
  19. FlashVirus says:

    That makes no sense. They’ve been raising taxes (theft/stealing) steadily for the past few decades, and have been spending more than they’ve been taking in. Now the debt is so large it can’t be payed off. When you see that government is responsible for 100s of millions of people dying in the 20th Century alone, you can see why we’re a tad suspicious of this parasitic entity. I say– secede and secure the borders.

  20. Southernjuggalo63 says:
    @XFuncCaRteR hmmm funny you ignore that major powers like ENGLAND,FRANCE, AND AUSTRIA supported the south with guns,ammunitions,and supplies guess you didnt research before you opened your mouth you might want to next time and not make yourself look so stupid
  21. Southernjuggalo63 says:
    @GearingDestroyer lol funny us rednecks were out numbered 10 to 1 had less guns and less supplies yet managed to kill the most men during the war so keep your mouth shut about rednecks or you might find out why so many yankees died
  22. GearingDestroyer says:
    Shelby Foote said, “The North fought that war with one hand tied behind’s it back…The South never had a chance to win that war”.

    Fucken rednecks. We should have never built the TVA, should have left you people in the dark.

  23. IconsOfTeleplay says:
    Cops don’t ask/request, they demand/command.
  24. MrPennalto says:
    Obama, Soros and others would love nothing better than to see us break up the United States while thinking it was our own great idea all along.
  25. danielcooper1000 says:
    We will not find justice at the hands of corrupt judges. (See YouTube videos) Judge to Judge on Illegal Payments to Judges / Evil Triangle of Court Corruption / Richard fine / Dr Shirley Moore slush funds /SBX 211. To end this title wave of corruption in our country must start with the corrupt judges. We can not bring evidence of corruption to corrupt judges. Los Angeles Superior Court judges are illegally and unconstitutionally taking 50,000.00 each for a total of 23 million per year.

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