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Sen. Ted Kaufman Introduces COP’s November Report

In this video, Chairman Ted Kaufman of the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel introduces the COP November report, “Examining the Consequences of Mortgage Irregularities for Financial Stability and Foreclosure Mitigation.” The full report is available online at


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13 Responses to "Sen. Ted Kaufman Introduces COP’s November Report"

  1. drphaq2 says:
    what u know and what u believe R 2 different things, u believe that the last name is yours,Y? because u could not possible remember first hand the day u were born & because the one u believe 2 Be your mother told u your last name,HERESAY inadmissible in court,unless you know the difference, the court will use heresay against U & they will not object to u using it, thats why they always say what you say can and will be used against u in a court of law.. do u know first hand your last name?I dont
  2. drphaq2 says:
    Governments R instituted among men & derive there powers from the consent of governed,how do U consent? when U use the government registered NAME, there is no law requiring U 2 use that government name, u have 2 learn how 2 bypass that. exceptions,exclusions,exemptions,thats what U looks 4 and ask 4.get hip 2 the legal words they use & what those words mean. R U a state defined person who volunteered? heresay info is what someone else told U & its inadmissible in court, ur last name is heresay
  3. drphaq2 says:
    politicians either know the truth or they R so freaking ignorant about the truth about banks they should not talk about what they dont know. US code title 12 says it all, banks cannot lend there own money,they cannot lend there depositors money,its against the law,whose money are they lending? who are they fiduciary 4? the legal name, which is not yours, it is owned by the state that registered it,states do not register people,R U a state defined person as defined in the statutes? NO Im not,R U?
  4. Wsprsweetly says:
    My entire saving went helping my daughter with money the bank asked for while “rewriting” her loan. Then more money..and we came up with it! And finally..we realized there WAS no refinancing in the works. Then they tried to sell my daughters home…and couldn’t. She began to fight..hard. They wanted her to abandon her home but she didn’t. Now she is helping others! She has guts enough to stand up to them and I am proud of her!! 
  5. oldjd325 says:
    Is he part of the our “best and brightest”? This comittee has been working on this for almost 2 years and they are still digging deep into the problem. We’re screwed! He is wearing a nicely starched shirt. I think I would rather have the guy who starched his shirt working on this. I’ll bet we would actually get some action instead of this crap.
  6. keggs1961 says:
    Dear Mr. Kaufman, You and your banking buddies can have my house….OVER MY DEAD BODY. I will not go quietly into the night!!!!! Locked and loaded in cape coral!!!!
  7. TheSarasotaRealtor says:
    Senator Kaufman, with all respect we (the American people) want ACTION, not words. When politicians “dig deep into (the) issue,” we (the people) are not convinced. Tough talk is not enough anymore. Sound bites will not get politicians re-elected. Look at some of the informed comments below. These are people who also SEE through the talk…the collusion…the cover-up. I work in the trenches of foreclosure HELL in Florida. We don’t need to be Ph.D economists to know what’s going on.
  8. ginaswo says:
    WE SHOULD HAVE DONE holc!! hrc WROTE IN THE wsj OP ED 9/28/2008 WE NEEDED holc!!
  9. gat867 says:
    While I appreciate and share the Senator’s concern of following the law, and the damages that can occur to present homeonwers having to defend their titles, etc, etc…

    I also have to wonder why HR3808 (Interstate Recognition of Notarizations Act of 2010) passed both chambers of Congress earlier this year without keeping a record of the vote.

  10. johnboysrevenge says:
    Forget Timmy G’s Treasury!!! Where’s the Dept. of Justice? Their fraud division is either overwhelmed or severly underfunded. Restore confidence in the system by cleaning out the fraud and sending the criminals to a real prison. The lack of leadership from our government is appalling. This house of cards is crumbling.

    I hope everyone has physical silver and FOOD!

  11. ABETRMAN says:
    Oversight actually means Overlooked (cooked books)
  12. UU361 says:
    The rape and looting of the American public by the banking criminals and the Federal reserve continued in November just as it did in October with the full approval, assistance and complicity of the US government.
    Any questions?
  13. ABETRMAN says:
    Where are the hand cuffs man!
    In the broadest sense It’s fraud and deliberate public theft!
    Why don’t bankers and wall street tycoons go to jail?
    Whats the point in oversight if it is not enforced?

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