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Shalom 863 LEF Pharmocracy-Part 1

Bill Faloon discusses essential issues in his new book Pharmocracy, including Medicare insolvency, FDA and health concerns. Bill Faloon is the co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation. The world’s largest anti-aging research organization, interviewed here by Richard Peritz.


  1. What is the funding mechanism for the Medicare Part D, Prescription Drug Program? I don’t recall my medicare withholding (taxes) out of my paycheck going up when the program took effect in January...

  2. Obamacare! Neutral experts say Obamacare will cause health care costs to rise. Does this upset you? The report is contrary to Obama’s promise that the Obamacare bill will curb medical costs FROM THE LINK: The...

  3. Was creating Medicare Part D one of the more brilliant moves by the Bush Administration? By enacting Medicare Part D and prohibiting the government to negotiate prices with drug manufactures may be one of the...

  4. Obama, Pelosi & Reid spouted the country would save in medical costs? Pubs tried to tell them. The people of the country tried to tell them. The CBO ( which they claim...

  5. Would you like to know how many politicians who are for health care reform are sending their kids to priv sch? Would you also like to know how many of our politicians who are telling us that government control and delivery...

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