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Shielded Circle- Debt Relief Options

Even meticulous financial planners at times fall into the debt trap and are often unsure as to how to come out of this black hole of debt. Amidst the painful sub prime crisis and mounting credit card debts, debt relief is one of the factors that are being hyped to unimaginable extents by the credit counseling and the debt settlement companies of today.But before resorting to debt relief programs, it is vital to understand the subtleties of the various debt relief options available.

Credit CounselingThis is a debt relief methodology where in the counseling agency to which you get enrolled aids you in negotiating with your creditors on the reduction of the rate of interest that you pay on your debts. In this case, the monthly repayment is quite high and you can expect to become free of debts within a time frame of 3-5 years. This is a great option of debt relief for clients who have the financial affordability to repay debts but are still worried about the rising interest rates.

Debt Settlement
This is one of the very powerful techniques of debt relief where in the Debt Settlement Company tries to bring down the total value of debts thereby aiming at freeing you from all debts within a stint of around 2-3 years. The monthly repayments come down drastically in this methodology of debt relief. This would be a preferred choice for customers who find it tough even to make the minimum monthly repayments on time. The major disadvantage associated with this technique is the fact that you would have to fall into the category of defaulters which in turn might inflict damage to your credit history.


Debt Consolidation
This is a good alternative for debt relief. It works by closing down the rising multiple debt repayments into a single debt that is often associated with reduced interest rates.

This is the worst and the last option chosen for debt relief. There are a couple of options in this category to get you relieved from debts.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing is the easiest and the fastest method of debt relief. In this technique, you would have to sell all your taxable assets if any to make the repayment. In case if the customer does not have any taxable asset on his name, he is under no obligation to make any payment. But, the biggest disadvantage of this methodology is the heavy and almost irrecoverable damage that would be inflicted on your credit history for long.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Filing is yet another debt relief option where in you would be obligated to repay at least a part of your current debts by selling off your disposable assets. This is often considered to be a great debt relief option for secured debts. The implications of this methodology on the credit score are heavy and irrecoverable.

Miscellaneous Techniques for Credit Card Debt Relief
Saving the best for last, if a person really wants relief from their creditors, they must only visit This amazing firm has a 100% track record for the last 6 six and going strong. They actually use the laws against the creditors and place a superior lien on your debt so that the credit card companies do not have a chance. Once the credit card companies realize you are UN-COLLECTABLE, they give up and settle for pennies on the dollar! The Shielded Circle also handles all mail and calls from the creditors so that you are not hassled at all.

This article was submitted by Patrick Zanders on behalf of The Shielded Circle company.  Grab your free report on, “How To Control Your Creditors”, by visiting


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