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Shock Doctrine at US Postal Service: Is A Manufactured Crisis Behind Push to Privatize?

www. – Today, postal workers and their supporters are holding events across the country to press their demand for repealing the benefit-funding mandate, and push back against calls for their workplace to be privatized. For months, Americans have heard dire warnings about the impending collapse of the United States Postal Service due to fiscal insolvency and a drop in the use of mail service. In early September, the US Postmaster General told Congress that the USPS is close to default and unveiled a series of radical proposals to cut costs by firing up to 120000 workers, closing several thousand facilities, scaling back deliveries, and reducing benefits for retirees. But many postal workers say the much-touted crisis facing the US Postal Service is not what it seems. They argue the greatest volume of mail handled in the 236-year history of the postal service was 2006. They also point to a 2006 law that forced the USPS to become the only agency required to fund 75 years of retiree health benefits over just a 10-year span, and say the law’s requirements account for 100 percent of the service’s $20 billion in losses over the previous four years, without which the service would have turned a profit. Last week, Republicans introduced legislation to overhaul the USPS in response to a bill proposed by Democrats that would refund a reported $6.9 billion in over-payments to the USPS retirement plan, offer early retirement and voluntary separation incentives, adjust


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19 Responses to "Shock Doctrine at US Postal Service: Is A Manufactured Crisis Behind Push to Privatize?"

  1. delavalmilker says:
    Even such ultra-liberal countries like Sweden and the Netherlands have privatized their postal services.
  2. ThePositiveAussie says:
    Again the criminal plans from the Bush Regime are uncovered. When is Bush going to be charged for treason?
  3. michaeljfo says:
    @COSMOSISUNITY Of course, but not funding benefits for people who have not been born yet. What do u think will happen to that money when they get their way & privatize, it will be stolen . I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but please look into this more closely. I don’t think u understand the issue. Do u really think the money is safer with the treasury. Maybe you should start by checking out the results of the federal reserve audit. They r looking for slave labor & to steal pensions.
  4. douglas787 says:
    About $8 to mail a small package weighting less than two pounds? Then add more charges for priory mail and tracking? Add to this mailmen that steal stuff out of the mail and if you do get it to were it’s going, it’s looks like someone kicked it down the street. Rude as hell clerks and nasty carriers that will use any excuse to skip deliveries.
  5. weareallanimals says:
    The postal service should be run like a business. They provide a legitimate service and create legitimate revenues. The problem is the workers are paid too much with benefits. Sorry guy. Its simple addition and subtraction. And yes, they should fund a future liability. It is all such a crooked game.
  6. samten10a says:
    I don’t like the Unions. BUT every time I hear the word PRIVATIZATION OR the government has no business in business. Deregulate and we (business) can do it cheaper. Those statements are code word the citizens to bend over and take it up the ass.

    The cost is going to go up to mail a letter it is just amount.

    You need a letter sent it will cost $3.99 for each sent.

  7. CarCriticAssessor says:
    Amy Goodman is a KNOWN Zionist shill — a hideous whinny voiced HO, replete with supercilious hyper-inflated self-opinion; her TALMUD training has well-versed her and her brother for their … coyly snicker, smirk and squeal, with disdain and mirth at the goyim: she has mastered…Learn what dajala (look it up in Arabic-Hebrew-Yiddish); and, all these fools inhaling so-called depleted uranium munitions residue — everywhere — playing into the NWO — wait to see how it unfurls; sad
  8. Blackplus235 says:
    The unions are strong and we must stand united to combat the plan failures of those in charge
  9. Iq185able says:
    Postal service? Like many other antique organisations are doomed. This is the past. The future is computers and email kids. WAKE UP folks. No one writes letters any more. All comes to a head by 2012.
  10. allgoo19 says:
    Look at other failed economies, all of them have privatization taking part it, Argentina, Iceland, Ireland.
    How about Japan, which privatized their post office in 2000s? Just look at the economy there now, is it getting better?
    I haven’t seen any positive effect of privatizing big employer like post office, only negative results, often ends up in default.
    Society needs certain amount of public employees to keep the economy going when privates laying them off under bad economy.
  11. poindexterwitkowsky says:
    ~^~^~^In 2006 REPUBLICAN legislators mandated that the U.S. Postal Service(USPS) begin a 10 yr process of pre-paying all health & retirement benefits for all employees it may hire up to 75 yrs from now! THE GOAL: To create the ILLUSION that USPS, a NON tax payer funded profit making agency, is on the verge of FINANCIAL COLLAPSE! REPUBLICANS want to lay off 125,000 AMERICANS & PRIVATIZE USPS . ~~^~^~^ REPUBLICAN RACKETEERING & GREED ARE DESTROYING AMERICA!
  12. ThePrimeSpotcom says:
    Good video! Here’s another: “youtube dot com slash postTruth “Cutting Saturday Delivery, our cutting edge would be a TOTAL DISSERVICE to Americans: Instead of signing for mail or receiving packages when they are HOME ON A WEEKEND, they will get an attempt & pickup notice left two days on a Monday. WHO thought of this idea? Dump the decision-making dinosaurs and ASK & IMPLEMENT THE WORKFORCE SUGGESTIONS for cost cutting ideas! ie. I would suggest cutting WEDS not Sat!
  13. ayquetriste says:
    @COSMOSISUNITY; of course funding health care benefits is vital. Having to fund benefits for retirees of the next 75 years within a 10 year period is ludicrous and an unbearable burden for the USPS. As a 24 year employee, of course I want to have my health benefits when I retire. However, I also want to have a job, which I may not have if HR 1351 is not passed. The drastic measures congress is wanting to make instead of HR 1351 constitutes a death sentence for a 200+ year institution.
  14. Camperman2 says:
    Freaking Awsum Video ! Only problem is its all just white noise to those not in working for the USPS .. The american Public has been spoon feed way to much miss information to understand any of it !
  15. lilhotboy247 says:
    Unions are done.
  16. silviasboy says:
    i love this union man !!
    Funding the benefits for postal retirees that worked so long and hard to earn their benefits is not a burden but an obligation!
  18. mistermassive1 says:
    Under Bush everything was a joke meant ot destroy America! Wake up sheep! – That moron cut back the forestry department by 2003. Next we had massive forest fires breaking out year after year. In 2006-07 he pushed through a program to force the Post Office to overpay for health care on the post office for 75 years into the future!
  19. highway234 says:
    this is just more republicans and cons trying to break unions. it’s disgusting. glad you guys are covering it.

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