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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Should I be worried if a company I deal with is under receivership and they owe me money?

Should I be worried if a company I deal with is under receivership and they owe me money?

This company is being accused of sales tax fraud. The company states they are wrongly accused. The court allowed them to go under receivership while they defend themselves.


  1. What are the risks I have if a company I am dealing with is under receivership? This company is under receivership on account of the governments’ allegations stating they have commited sales tax fraud. The received...

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4 Responses to "Should I be worried if a company I deal with is under receivership and they owe me money?"

  1. Andrew says:
    I don’t know about you, I would be very worry… Depends on money amount of cause.
  2. Dabong Jhandobam-girl says:
    some worry
  3. Edward says:
    Receivership is defined as an equitable remedy whereby a court orders property placed under the control of a receiver so that it may be preserved for the benefit of affected parties A failing company may be placed in receivership in an action brought by its creditors. The business is often continued but is subject to the receiver’s control. If you’re not part of the legal action, you should be worried. IMO receivership is just a step below bankruptcy.
  4. justagrandma says:
    It could take awhile, if ever, and then it will be a fraction of what they owe.

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